How to Give Your Business and Your Life a Passionate Purpose (in 3 simple steps)

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It's been so amazing being on this journey with you. What started as my personal blog 10 years ago has helped me reach women all over the world with my best thoughts on business, relationships, and health.

As you know I love clarifying challenging subjects and breaking them down into "3 simple steps" but now it's time for a very powerful and important 3 - and it's all on a topic we don't talk about nearly enough - giving and higher purpose.

If you start seeing some success in your business, you'll probably do a happy dance. After you do your happy dance, you'll want to share the news with some close friends or people you know and trust that will be genuinely happy for you. And then, is it right back to the grind stone, striving for leveling up your income, or is there something greater? Something more?

3 Best Reasons to Join The Best Mastermind Group You Can Possibly Find

Before I even take a breath, I need to make sure you know what a true Mastermind is. So many business greats credit membership in a great Mastermind group as their #1 secret to tremendous personal shifts and rapid business growth. In fact, Napoleon Hill first gave the phenomenon a name in his timeless classic, Think And Grow Rich defining a Mastermind Group as, "The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony... No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind [the master mind]."

Now that you know what a mastermind is and how passionate I am about sharing this with you, it's time to share my...

3 Best Reasons to Join a Mastermind Group

3 Best Things I've Learned from Marie Forleo

I have heard so much business and life advice online, but often it's "in one ear and out the other." Thankfully, there is one source of great insight with sticking power that stands head and shoulders above anything else I've found. Marie Forleo and her amazing YouTube channel for women entrepreneurs is a MUST watch on the weekly. Here are my top 3 favorite Marie Forleo lessons to share with you - the ones that over the years have made the biggest difference for me!

Read on!

When He Doesn't Buy You A Holiday Gift - My 3 Best Ideas to Turn Things Around

Free printable! The unthinkable has happened... he didn't get you a gift on a major holiday. And maybe you got him something extra thoughtful so now you're extra brokenhearted.

Maybe you're considering not even giving him the gift anymore. Maybe you're thinking it's a deal breaker, but you don't want to be shallow either...

I have been there.

3 Best Food Box Subscriptions Put to the Test!

$40 off coupon for Food Box Services! Today I'm reviewing the best food box subscriptions, so you can get a good look at Hello Fresh, Home Chef vs Blue Apron, and get some valuable promo codes.

So, who will do it best? As always, I'm covering the 3 best options and giving you the best promo codes I can find - all in an effort to simplify your life and mine!

3 Weird Things People are Doing to Relax These Days (that actually work!)

Beyond prayer, which by its simplest definition is a very powerful form of meditation – there are things we can do to reduce stress and anxiety.  The three "weird" things I'm going to share with you today I have personally tried for myself! And I can attest yes - although unconventional, they do work! Let me know what you think about these and if you choose to try one.

Read the full post on The Pharmacy where I give digital marketing advice to pharmacists and pharmacy owners! 

Never stop learning growing and reaching.

Written with love,

3 Best NYC Day Trip Ideas

It's amazing living just close enough to the big apple to visit for a day! But sometimes it's a bit overwhelming to plan a decent trip there. Life is just so busy! And, after you've been to the city more than a few times like I have, the thrill of typical tourist stops inevitably wears off - making it even more challenging to justify a trip.

My husband and I are planning a trip to Hillsong Church this Sunday in NYC and area looking to maybe mix in one or all of the below!

photo / Youa Vang - Youa Photography
No matter how busy life gets, quality time is very important, and novelty is vital to long-term relationships! Living so close to one of the most incredible cities on the planet - it is a SHAME to waste the opportunity.

I always have my eyes peeled for romantic and fun NYC local-style adventures for my husband and I. So to help you make it happen, I'm keeping you in the loop with a regularly updated, fresh list of the best NYC day trip specials that I can find, passing along new ideas and cool deals!

Here's what I have planned for us on our first trip to the city this Summer - we'll be having a relaxing morning in a huge indoor/outdoor "spa castle", grabbing great bar eats/drinks for lunch and dinner on a pre-paid passport, and enjoying the harbor on an afternoon or evening cruise. Sound good?

Here's how I'm doing it all for only about $200 total!!

Five Four Club for Women: The 3 Best Alertnatives

I recently saw an ad for Five Four club which is awesome clothing subscription service for men, But there are definitely some options for women I want to share with you!

If you're having trouble expanding your wardrobe with both quality and style in mind, never fear! It seems every day there's a new service popping up for women and men's styling services.

Based on my personal experience, here are the best three options! 

Blogilates Stretch Challenge: Join Me!

Have you made daily stretching part of your morning routine yet? Stretching improves flexibility which is key to fitness and protection from injury - and stretching is very good for improving blood circulation and mood! 

Good stretching is part of my optimal 5am morning routine. You can read more about that right here.

Me - stretching for all to see on my Instagram!
There is an awesome stretch challenge on Instagram right now and I'm hoping you'll join me. We're on day 3 of 30. There is still time to join in! I don't want you to miss this.

Closet Organization DIY Idea for Shoes: Using Cardboard Boxes, in 3 Simple Steps!

As a young business woman, I have struggled to expand and improve my wardrobe at a low cost. When you finally get to the point that you've got a good collection going, it's hard to keep it all organized -especially shoes. The options out there for shoe organization were either pricey or just weren't doing it for me.

Here is a cool closet organization DIY idea I had using the iconic "You Look Gorgeous" cardboard box from LeTote! If you haven't heard of LeTote, check out my LeTote Review and prepare to fall in love with this company!