A Romantic 2-day Montréal Getaway Guide

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I believe that saying it's not what you do, it's how you do it. When you get 2 days with the person you love, how will you spend it?

I recommend adventure. My husband and I just got back from our 2-day stay in Montréal. It's just 4 hours north of our home in New York - I couldn't wait to whip out my passport for this one! Whirlwind getaways like this are so romantic, especially when you don't tell a soul you're going anywhere.

Write your own story - my solo travel adventure to Europe!

When you choose to write your own story, there are moments that change you, and they are hidden in the corners and around bends of your spirit that you didn't know existed. This is the magic and mystery of travel, and especially solo travel as a woman. I want to encourage you to dream as big as possible, and to explore your world. Here are some of the ways my trip inspired and changed me!

Smooth Spring Ahead: How I Ditch the Winter Frizz

I hope you're having a beautiful start to your Spring! I just finished my yearly hair spring smoothing treatment, which cuts through the frizz and leaves my hair feeling smoother and refreshed for the new season.

5 Reasons to go to a Women's Retreat

Hello my beautiful! Are you considering taking a women's retreat, but are not sure if you want to plunk down the money to make it happen? I recently got back from my second women's retreat ever, and it left me saying "why did I wait so long?" It was amazing. I want to encourage you to go ahead and go to your upcoming retreat. There are so many reasons - but here are my favorite five.

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