Le Tote for Plus Sizes - the 3 best alternatives!

Le Tote sadly only carries up to size 16 but there are some GREAT alternatives for plus size women that I've been looking into that I want to share with you!

As we know, for some reason fashion is behind the curb for plus sizes, because as we look for larger sizes we see it's so much harder to find great style. Recently my Mom re-entered the workforce after years of working part time and as a stay at home Mom, and all her old work clothes either no longer fit right or they were just really outdated. She needed a new look and style that allowed her to walk with confidence in the world.

plus size alternatives to Le Tote
My beautiful Mom in her Gwynnie Bee dress!
But before we tackled her whole work wardrobe, we just needed these two basic things:
- A great plus sized top for a new headshot
- A great dress for her to wear to my Dad's 40 year high school reunion

But even after searching for hours in the WORLD'S LARGEST Macy's, we left empty-handed and incredibly frustrated. Everything she tried on either had weird cuts or was just not with the trends.

I had personally been using Le Tote (see my LeTote review here) and figured there must be something like it for women like my Mom - and then after some digging I found Gwynnie Bee! It's like Le Tote for larger sizes, and right now they give a free 30 day trial AND $10 off through my special link since I decided to partner with them for my blog cause.

So I convinced my Mom to try it. She got her first 3-item box and loved everything in it. She found the perfect dress for my Dad's reunion (middle), and found cute and expensive-looking clothes for the office.

plus size work clothes

So if you haven't heard of it, Gwynnie Bee is a box subscription for sizes 10-32, and is the perfect alternative to Le Tote. It works the same way as Le Tote, where you're encouraged to wear the items whether or not you decide to keep them. If you decide to keep a clothing item they offer really really good prices.

Gwynnie Bee has a few different categories of clothing, from work wear to weekend casual, and even a dressy line. They offer free shipping, free exchanges, free laundry, AND right now they have a free 30-day trial.

Gwynnie bee dressSince then she has had what I refer to as "the Gwynnie Bee glow" because I noticed a change in her posture, the way she talked, everything all because she finally had clothes she felt good in.

How much does Gwynnie Bee cost?

Gwynnie Bee offers three plans with UNLIMITED EXCHANGES which is really important to understand. They have different pricing based on how many clothing items you want out at one time, and with unlimited exchanges you can do about 4 boxes per month if you stay on top of it. The price ranges from $45/mo to $95 month.

So if you were interested in Le Tote, then I say give Gwynnie Bee a try!

Right now they're running a deal -- Your first month is free! Also, if you try Gwynnie Bee for free through my link, you'll get that free trial AND save $10 off your second month which would help to support this blog and my cause.

Honorable Mentions 

There are some styling companies that are similar and offer plus sizes, like Stitch Fix. The thing with Stitch Fix is that you aren't supposed to wear the clothes unless you really buy them. Through my link you get $50 off, which is double what most people are allowed to give, and then you can apply that to what they send you. Again, you're not supposed to wear the clothes till you buy them! So that is a huge difference. But it's still a great option if you don't want to deal with the frustration of digging through the sale racks. Want to try? Get StitchFix Here (you get $50 off and pay no styling fee through my link!)

Dia & Co is a lot like Stitch Fix in that it's not a rental service, but I LOVED their survey - it really set them apart. It was clear from the beginning that Dia & Co "gets" the issues specific to curvier figures, because they are asking the right style questions. And the stylists are plus sized women themselves who are actually stylish. I was so impressed by their looks they were putting together. One other great thing about Dia & Co is they actually have 2 boxes: one for "style" and one for "activewear" this is a great opportunity to just take the frustration and time-suck out of the search for great looking clothing of all kinds and all styles. Get Dia&Co here ($20 off - you pay no styling fee through my link!)

I hope this helps you build your style - feeling good about yourself is such an important first step toward changing the world!

Never stop learning, growing, and reaching!

Ambitious Christian Women Bible Study: FERVENT by Priscilla Shirer

On the National Day of Prayer, we announced online Bible Study for the summer would be FERVENT by Priscilla Shirer.

Each week an amazing group of women from all over the world met via conference line to discuss the study. Our online studies are perfect for women who don't have a group at your home church, or if they're traveling, this is a great chance to get connected!

Over the course of 6 weeks, we discussed the strategies laid out in the book, which are:
  • Strategy 1: Your Passion - getting it back when it's gone
  • Strategy 2: Your Focus - fighting the real enemy
  • Strategy 3: Your Identity - remembering who you are
  • Strategy 4: Your Family - fortifying the lives of those you love
  • Strategy 5: Your Past - ending the reign of guilt, shame, and regret
  • Strategy 6: Your Fears - confronting your worries, claiming your calling
Replay available: See it all in one amazing hour on our FERVENT Summit replay.
As you will see, this book isn't just a study, it's a complete battle plan! If you loved the movie War Room, this bible study will help you apply God-glorifying prayer to your life. I can't wait to help coach you to craft your own personalized prayer strategy to get victory with your identity, family, attitude, and more!

Want to join us on future studies?  Become a Member of our Facebook group.

Please purchase the Book HERE: Fervent by Priscilla Shirer on Amazon to support the group and allow me to keep bringing these great Bible Studies to you! You don't absolutely need the book to join us. You are always welcome to join our weekly calls, and I think you'll get a lot out of the concepts we discuss!

Content by Laura Gabriele