My First Post

hey! if u want to see pics from bowling, just check out my webshots address!

Hmm so yeah, I'm just getting started with this site, I already have a pretty firmly established blog on xanga, so im not sure if I want to ditch that one completely just yet- I cant get any pics to show up on this site! I downloaded hello and everything, im just so confused.

  • Thursday: My weekend was excellent! We had school off on good friday, so thurs night, I got together with Dillon and Jeremey, we went to Justin's (a bar/music venue) Where we listened to some jazz- Jeremey brought his tenor, and Dillon his alto, but the guy onstage was mean and didn't let us jam with them... We stayed out till about 12:30.

  • Friday: Then fri night eh, what did I do? Oh yeah, homework.

  • Saturday: Went to work on that dance w/ Adrija and Sarita, its lookin good, folks! Then we headed to get some ice cream and gasoline. THEN I got a group of about 25-30 friends for bowling- check out the pics on my webshots site. That was awesome, of course, i suck at bowling but who really cares, eh?

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