When Nothing Else Works: 3 New, Healthy Ways to Finally Relax

Beyond prayer, which by its simplest definition is a very powerful form of meditation – there are things we can do to reduce stress and anxiety.  The three "weird" things I'm going to share with you today I have personally tried for myself! And I can attest yes - although unconventional, they do work! Let me know what you think about these and if you choose to try one.

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Never stop learning growing and reaching.

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3 Daytripper Tips For Your Best NYC Day Trip Ever!

Manhattan by Sail, image from LivingSocial.com
It's amazing living just close enough to the big apple to visit for a day! But sometimes it's a bit overwhelming to plan a decent trip there. Life is just so busy! And, after you've been to the city more than a few times like I have, the thrill of "must see" attractions wears off quick - making it hard to even justify a trip. Nobody wants to do the same old thing over and over!

That's Why I'm Keeping This Post Updated - I love sharing my latest ideas and finds, since I'm always on the lookout anyway! 

For Women: Alternatives to FiveFourClub and Bombfell

After my husband tried Bombfell and I saw ads for Five Four club, I knew a women's version must be out there. So I went on the great search for the Five Four Club for women! I want to thank you for reading and supporting this blog cause by choosing to buy right through one of these links. I am able to give you special discounts and I make a small commission from the purchase! Here's what I found.

Blogilates Stretch Challenge: Join Me!

Have you made daily stretching part of your morning routine yet? Stretching improves flexibility which is key to fitness and protection from injury - and stretching is very good for improving blood circulation and mood! 

Good stretching is part of my optimal 5am morning routine. You can read more about that right here.

YThere is an awesome stretch challenge on Instagram right now and I'm hoping you'll join me. We're on day 3 of 30. There is still time to join in! I don't want you to miss this.

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