How Your Coffee Habit Could be Sabotaging Your Career

Coffee is a subject of controversy every new year. I'm personally working to cut it out now that I've learned it actually increases the stress hormone cortisol. (Talk about sabotage!) I'm replacing my morning coffee with healthy homemade green juice which has given me more stable energy!

A closer alternative to coffee I've fallen in love with is Dandy Blend, which is a great choice if you want to recreate any type of creamy coffee or Dirty Chai. I use this whenever I'm going off coffee for the first several days, or whenever I'm craving the richness of coffee but want no caffeine. Dandy Blend is made from dandelion root, weird I know, but it has health benefits you can read about on its listing.

Rasa keeps coming back to the top of my list due to its adaptogenic qualities and low to no caffiene. It is made of herbal ingredients that actually fight and reverse cortisol and give energy without caffeine. My husband Rob who often battles adrenal fatigue loves Rasa. I enjoy it plain but don't love adding creamer to this. He used to make me a cup daily which I'd then follow with coffee (I know, shame on me!) when I confessed, I also suggested he keep the Rasa for himself, since it's pricey.

But regardless of what you choose to drink in the morning time, I want to share with you one key thing I've learned from working in a professional office environment. This one took me years, ladies!! Listen to me: not all workplace mugs are created equal. Let me save you the pain so you can learn from my mistakes...

Great Gifts for the Women You're Secretly Afraid Of

This year - if you're a newlywed or just landed a dream job, or if you're actively networking and building your connections, you may find yourself holiday shopping for several people you don't know well but are desperate to impress.

It could be a boss (check!). If you're a newlywed it may be a sister-in-law or mother-in-law (yep I've got those too!). Maybe it's a mentor, or a wonderful Grandma. And the list goes on.

Content by Laura Gabriele