With August Almost Gone...

So I guess I rushed to August and I was scooped up by the energy that colliding with time and intention creates- I tightroped on my dream string connecting me to balance on a narrow wall in Cartagena where my heart and mind stepped in time to the rhythm of his questions. My lips met something greater than a man there, my eyes were steadied on a face, and reckless though it may seem I lept there and drempt there wide awake. More awake and more asleep than a woman ever could be at once.

Maybe I was uneased by the power I feel by his side, I walked ahead or behind, even when hand in hand, just one step apart. Then to get swept in it again I let my foot fall naturally and once more the world is ours. The energy coming from his hand magnetizes mine and spins me and I am suddenly dancing. The world rizes up and presses up against our feet and the Earth is a great trampoline propelling us to the nearest rooftop, so we are compelled to learn to harness this energy, and there is no doubt we will be the first to really fly. He carries his dreams in every pocket, they paint the walls of my heart in the color of roadtrips and Vail and Thailand, my ears hear names sweetly spoken, and songs that don't exist yet, I feel smiles that must have started from inside because I look around and it's only him there and he's just sleeping.

There are other things I could never tell anyone simply for my lack of the ability to explain, because when he came to Buffalo on Tuesday, my life has been that way- beyond explaination. I could explain Colombia, but not Buffalo. With August almost gone I will tell you that I have lived the best two weeks, my life experience during this time has been in the top 5 best life experiences of all living creatures in existence. Your believing me is entirely unneccessary and bears no influence on the fact that this in fact true.

Content by Laura Gabriele