Wedding Inspiration Wednesday!

Here is a treasury I created of some wedding inspirations I came across on Etsy! I am planning my own wedding to this amazing man for next Summer in the gorgeous Catskill mountains. See, click, and enjoy this treasury here: Laura's first Wedding Treasury !

Missoula Woman uses for creative Activism, Charity efforts

"It’s a lot less energy to be happy than to be gloomy," quips Jami Shipp, at the Talc Café during some relaxed conversation over delicious coffee and cookies.  "I've always made things- I made scarves as gifts but a friend eventually told me, 'How many scarves can one neck hold?' I was inspired by my daughter to be true to myself, and then I found my happiness." Jami's brain was fun to pick- she is simply packed wisdom from her years of experiencing the ups and downs of life, and sh'es learned to remain positive and channel her energy into creating beautiful things from the heart.

And I do mean from the heart. Her online shop, called “Celebrating Life”  is a collection of jewelry, knit/crochet gifts, and sewing artwork, incorporating many activist and charity items for MS awareness, Alzheimer’s, and Breast Cancer, all of which have touched her or the lives of her loved ones in some way. In conversation with Jami, it became clear that everything she does with her business is driven by a real intention to share love and grow our awareness of our humanity and individual struggles- while remaining hopeful and optimistic.

The personal touch is very important to Jami. From the start, she made it clear that she wanted to do this interview in person. And when I asked her where she gets the most value from Etsy, her answer was- "interaction, networking, and being active in the [Etsy] groups with fellow members."  For me, it's easy to forget that Etsy is also a social community. Let Jami's extroversion inspire your own outreach efforts! Jami says, "How can you claim to be handmade if you can’t write a letter by hand just to say thank you or hello?" These are just a few of the many things that make this woman and her business very special.

Check out Jami's shop Celebrating Life at

Aside from her Etsy shop, Jami stays involved in the community teaching jewelry classes at Michael's. "I was in Michael's so much, they thought I worked there. I teach twice a week, basics in wire wrapping, bead stringing, knotting, crimping, wire crochet." You can see Jami and join in on one of her classes on Tuesdays and Fridays from 6pm-8pm.  

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Never stop learning, growing, and reaching.

Looking forward to Missoula's 2011 MADE Fair! How about you?

Did you check out last year's MADE Fair? It was at the Elk's Lodge and it was amazing! I made some great connections and it really set my heart on fire to know and learn from the Missoula artist community.

This time, it's free and is being held at Caras Park, Sunday June 26th from 11am-6pm

Some of my favorites (previously featured on this blog!) will be there, including

I can't wait to meet all the other great vendors for even more Summer inspiration! See the full artist list here:

Hope everyone is having a fantastic Summer. More artist interviews and insights to come!

I'm Engaged!

I am planning a Summer wedding  for next year with the Man who has forever swept me off my feet! Here is the video he took of the proposal, (awesome, huh?) It happened in Glacier National Park on Memorial day weekend. :) I have written about Robin a lot in this blog and just have to say that I'm beyond thrilled to soon be his wife!

Along with this happy announcement you can expect a lot more decor, event design, DIY and such coming from my blog. Just a heads up!

I am so happy to announce that his sister, Vicky of  A Subtle Revelry (an amazing design blog) will be one of my bridesmaids! How could this not be the perfect start to a beautiful life with the man I love??!? 

I am filled with love and am so happy to share this process with you. 

<3 <3
Wishing you a magical, blessed Summer.

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