The Morning Miracles Challenge with Ambitious Christian Women - November 2020

Ever tried to start something new and make it a habit? It's hard! 

When I decided that I wanted to read my Bible every day, pray intentionally, and do basics like daily stretching, I was feeling SO willing and SO ready! I knew how beneficial those simple changes would be to my life, and though I didn't expect it to be easy, I knew I was capable. Plus it was a noble pursuit and I knew God would help me. My self discipline wasn't great but I wanted to grow it and be that woman I knew I could be. 

But it was way, waaaaaay harder than I thought. 

The first couple days went well, and I felt excited and good about it. I sensed change coming. But then, I got off track. Just one day of staying up too late then sleeping in a little too long to get ahead... and suddenly I felt my old habits overtake me, like a giant wave. 

I was humbled. I was going to need help. More prayer... more will power... something! 

What I really needed was like-minded community. Sisters in Christ that wanted this morning routine change too. Women who were honest, kind, gentle but also driven, passionate, on fire for God. I needed them to come alongside me and encourage me. Not just for one day, but every day. But I didn't know how to find them. So for months I struggled alone, reading books and listening to motivational audio recordings to fill the void.

Eventually, after much trial and error, I gained the insights, tools, and self discipline to make my morning routine a reality for me. 

That's why I created the Morning Miracles Challenge. I realized that my trial-by-fire could benefit other women and help them get ahead more quickly.

Think of your morning like this: 

Every day, your mind is like crowded beach, full of voices vying for your attention and things to trip over. There are people, responsibilities, and many colorful distractions luring you, and there is also a cozy cabana that invites you to just tune out, lay down and waste away the morning hours, wearing earplugs and dozing in the sun. 

But in the distance, you see something different. Something wonderful. The sunrise kisses a small, quiet island with nothing but a Bible, glass of water, a tree for shade, and a simple, comfortable chair. Just the sight of it thrills your spirit. You sense the presence of the Lord is there. A time of refreshment, meditation, and personal growth just between you and God await... if only you can get there.

You look around again at this noisy beach you're on, and you know for sure where you want to be. Not here, but over there with your Jesus. 

You're about to link arms with a group of women who will help you paddle out every day for 10 days, help you beat the waves and the tides, and overcome the voices from the shore that call out to keep you from changing. 

It's the Morning Miracles Challenge, a 10 day morning routine challenge that gets you to that place, just you and the Lord, for healing, for comfort, or just to feel His presence in your life again.

Each day you're asked to check in with your team on our private Facebook group. We want to know how you're doing and help you stay focused. After those 10 days are through, you'll know the ropes and where you can improve. You'll be stronger to face the rest of the month on your own. But if you fail, or if you want a boost again, we will be here the following month, for 10 days, to help you reach your goal.

What I have found is that women keep coming back, again and again. Just for the community and encouragement. Each month of our lives is a new adventure, and the Morning Miracles Challenge returns with a new theme and new ideas to help you succeed.

Some months you'll be stronger than others and you'll be one of the women who can help a teammate who is struggling. Other months you'll benefit from another woman's strengths. But one thing is for sure - we will be glad to have you.

Click this link to join: 

I hope to see you inside.

With love in Christ,


P.S. If you'd like to join us for November 2020, you should know that signup is happening right now. Our first day of the 10 day challenge is Monday, November 2nd but we like to get our groups together in advance. You can join us in the group at any time, but if you'd like to be added to an official Morning Miracles Challenge accountability team for November, please sign up right now!

God is the Master Gardener

Each month, I co-lead a 10 day morning routine challenge called “Morning Miracles” - it’s one of my favorite things, and while it is the smallest of our groups, I consider it the heartbeat of the Ambitious Christian Ministry.

Years ago, when I started getting serious about putting God first in my life and days, I had difficulty finding likeminded women, specifically Christian women, who were actively pursuing a strong Jesus-centered morning routine. 

Now, there are about 500 of us meeting monthly in the Facebook group located here: Morning Miracles Challenge

The group is managed by 7 amazing co-leaders:

Mary Mulligan Stipp, Illinois
Bekie Blanco Abiro, Texas
Debra Abisher, Arkansas
Beth A Summers Eilers, Illinois
Julie Jeno, Utah
Alison Tegano, New Jersey
Jennifer Reaves, Texas

These women have all been working with me practically daily for the past 1-2 years. In addition to helping keep the Morning Miracles machine running month after month, they help me think through complex social issues, like the ones we are facing with Coronavirus and Black Lives Matter, and hold everything up to the truth of the Bible, before opening my mouth to speak formally as a representative of the ministry. They are wise, loving, and fun! We finally met just for fun last month (Bekie’s idea) and we learned so much about each other. 

I’m sharing all of this for two reasons. 

Firstly, in just two days the Ambitious Christian Women ministry turns 4 years old! 😍 I plan to post separately about that, especially for those of you who support us financially. 

And secondly, part of today’s challenge was to reflect on Genesis 2:8 and 2:15 and how we should be tending the garden we’ve been placed in.

I think it honors God to reflect on all He’s doing and consider how you can be a better co-laborer. 

When I think about my garden I think about all the wonderful opportunities I’ve been given, and all the things budding, about to burst forth - how my daughter is growing beautifully strong and fast, how we are possibly buying our first home soon, how I was just offered my job back at work on my own terms, and how the ministry continues to flourish despite change and pressures of life. I think about my approach to motherhood and how I’m being constantly refined. I think about my relationship with my husband, and how parenthood is growing us. I think about my friendships online and off, and especially our church. 

There is always so much happening! And I see God’s hand and favor in it all. 

When I think of areas that need my attention, it’s overwhelming. I think that for sure I can never do ENOUGH. I am always thinking of new projects, Bible studies to facilitate, snail mail to send, blog posts to write. And if we get this house, I’ll have my fair share of home projects to keep me very very busy. But I want to be walking in step with the Holy Spirit, so that means I’ll need  more self-control than ever.

I learned a while ago to give it all to God and ask for the grace to complete the MUST DOs plus a little more, and to run my own race with excellence. I know for sure that for me it starts in the morning, every morning by meditating on God’s word (the Bible) and praying real, thoughtful, strategic  prayers. Those two things are like the watering of the whole life Garden. If you don’t have the watering consistent, all your hard work is at the mercy of the weather.

And LOOK OUT, because if you haven’t noticed - the weather isn’t very merciful! 😂

I will never be a master gardener of my life, but thankfully I look to Jesus, the rock that is higher than I, the one who is and will always be THE Master Gardener. He leads, guides, and directs me, and I don’t need to worry about anything,

If you’re considering putting God first every day with a strong morning routine that’s centered on Him, you’ll love our little group. You are placed with accountability partners who want the same and encouraged to check in daily with your team showing you are completing the various steps of the challenge. Scroll back up for the link - I hope to see you inside! 

❤️ Never stop learning, growing, and reaching 


Content by Laura Gabriele