How to use Twitter to to Send Gratitude and Make Connections

I'm newly active on Twitter and got a kick today realizing how easy it is to connect with thinkers you admire there. I thought I'd share this screenshot above for posterity.

It's true- while reading through Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: How to Tell Your Story in a Noisy Social World I just felt the urge to reach out. Picture this. I was sitting there, reading this guy's book, and I get acknowledged in a small and simple way AS I'm reading it - it was one of the best feelings in the world!

Not everyone will write you back, or as quickly. I Tweeted to @MarieForleo and got a tweet back from her team. Marie just doesn't use Twitter!

On the other hand, I Tweeted to @RobinSharma and a day or so later  he wrote back with great humility and class, just like you'd expect from him.

I encourage you to reach out to anyone who you feel is currently inspiring you. It's so easy on Twitter and the rewards are great!

Never stop learning, growing, and reaching!


Death by Credit Card: How Buying Fans and Likes Will Ruin Your Business

When I first heard about, an online service which is raking it in from selling "ad space" to Etsy sellers, my e-marketer alarm bells went off like never before. This is how NOT to promote yourself and your shop in the most classic sense. I knew it was time to write this important call to arms against this and other Facebook and Instagram like sellers who are taking advantage of small business owners- and leaving destruction in their wake.

For $5, these people are preying on well-intentioned Etsy sellers to involve themselves in a Facebook "likes" pyramid scheme.

How to Post a Clean Looking Link on a Linkedin Group Page

So, I'm having a case of e-marketer envy.

There several of my competitors on industry group pages on Linkedin that have seemed to discover a very clean and beautiful way of posting blog links.

While normally, a link is buried under a group post header and isn't accessible in one click unless you show a "preview", this one is sitting pretty on on the feed.

I really need to learn how to do this!

Here is what theirs look like:

I'm posting this as a call to anyone who can teach me the way! PS it's not just hubspot shortlinks that look this way.

Never stop Learning, Growing and Reaching

Wait And See

When people question your path, just shake your head, fold your arms and say "wait and see". The fact is, some people live their lives with no vision, while others use strategy. The risk-takers open themselves to opportunity. The leaders are few. You know who you are. I can't wait to meet more of you.

That Awkward Moment when...

That awkward moment when buyers in Brookyn and Boston actually purchase moss from the trees in the back of your Montana backyard... and they want expedited shipping. My friends, I can sell anything.

Thank you Etsy.

The Beauty of the Non-Sell (marketing prose)

If I am calling you to book your services, don't give me a hard sell.

Ask me questions to see how you can tailor your offering to my needs. 

Sheesh. #sales101 #wontbuyit

Don't sell me.

Don't "enchant" me or "fascinate" me.

Just be. Let the product exist, give me the info, inject who YOU are, and don't self-sabotage. 

This is the internet. I'll find you if our vibrations ever align.

That's the beauty of the non-sell.

Content by Laura Gabriele