More major life changes and accomplishments

A quick inventory of the top 10 changes in my life since my last top 10 changes in my life post (November 2nd, 2008)

1) I continued working with student government and put on three major events: “Back to School With Club Ride”, “Women’s Self Defense Class” and “Pie Your Professor in the Face Day”

2) I volunteered with Habitat For Humanity on an alternative Spring Break

3) I moved to a new house near the water street district, living with only women now.
4) I went on the First Baptist Church Ladies Retreat to Flagstaff, Arizona

5) I formed closer bonds with women in my church, particularly Amanda and Irene

6) I hiked two mountains and spent time hiking in the Valley of Fire

7) I graduated from the College of Southern Nevada with my Associates Degree, and after updating my transcript realized that I graduated with honors.

8) I was accepted to the State University of New York, Buffalo

9) I moved back to Saugerties, N.Y.

10) I traveled to Buffalo for two days and was given a job as a Marketing Intern for an oil company, and a waitressing job at TGI Fridays, and scouted a new place to live.

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