Help! My blog is buried by schoolwork!

Hello everyone! Songbird's Branch has taken a back seat recently for this crazy ride called life! My classes have gotten a lot more demanding during these last weeks of school! I'm very much looking forward to getting my precious blogging time back. Meanwhile, let's keep hoping for warm weather as some of us are beginning our farmer's market sales efforts! I just wrote about Jax Hats who will be found at the market, also look for Rickie of Raven Ridge Fiber arts at the Clark Fork River Market (by the Higgins St. Bridge) which just opened on Saturday!

Do you make an appearance at one of our markets? Let me know with a comment- I'm putting together a list ;)

Let the sun shine!


  1. Everything of mine seems to have taken a back seat recently too - perhaps there is an epidemic!

    Wishing you all the best for your classes!

  2. Thanks for the good wishes, Gail. You are the queen of good greetings, after all! :) I think I'm back on top of it now... I HOPE!


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