I'll tell you The Absolute BEST Time to List on Etsy

Don't think for one minute that there is not a specific time that is best to list on Etsy. If you've heard that it doesn't matter, guess what- that was a lie! Internet traffic is constantly being monitored and analyzed by the super computers that make the Web possible, and research has proven that there are prime times for Internet sales.

Wednesday during the 4:00pm work hour 
AKA "Goof-off Hour"
According to a study by the price comparison website InvisibleHand, Wednesday is rush-hour for online retail sales. If you want to reach the US coast-to-coast with this technique, you will need to re-familiarize yourself with time zones. That means list or re-list 6 times to hit each time zone at exactly 4pm their local time. This will cost you $1.20. Money well spent!

Why does it matter when you list your item on Etsy?

  • Etsy is built on a controversial system that gives the highest search rankings to the items most recently listed, charging 20 cents to do so. 
  • You are spending that money anyway, so you should learn how to make the most of it.
  • When you list during Goof-Off-Hour, you are listing at a time when people are ready to make an impulse buy. They want to shop fast before someone comes by their desk. They want it quick, and they want it now. It's simply an easier time to make a sale.
How many items should you re-list at that time?
Just one per time zone at 4pm. Why? Otherwise, you are just wasting money. Re-listing more than one of your items at the same time competes with yourself. So choose just one item at a time. 

How to know which item to list:
  • It has a great picture that is a good representation of your skill level and the type of items for sale in your shop. 
  • It stands out. Because many people already know about the Goof Off Hour, you need to be able to stand out from the other listings.
  • It is relevant to the current holiday or season. Now would not be a good time to list something that is out-of-season. 
Overall, Etsy.com's daily visitors has fallen to pre-2010 levels. This means you need to work harder to reach a customer! Make sure to pay attention to internet trends to make your time and money pull double-duty for you.

Other considerations:

The LEAST POPULAR, worst time to list is Saturday. So wait till Sunday when you'll have a 27% better shot at making a sale. (info from InvisibleHand) After Wednesday, Sunday is the second best day to list.

Are you allowing shipping outside the US? If not, 11pm would be a very dumb time to list. By the time everyone wakes up, you are at the bottom of the list.

Afternoon is ALWAYS better. Internet retail sales increase by 52% in the afternoon. The reason? More people are awake and browsing.

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