I'm Engaged!

I am planning a Summer wedding  for next year with the Man who has forever swept me off my feet! Here is the video he took of the proposal, (awesome, huh?) It happened in Glacier National Park on Memorial day weekend. :) I have written about Robin a lot in this blog and just have to say that I'm beyond thrilled to soon be his wife!

Along with this happy announcement you can expect a lot more decor, event design, DIY and such coming from my blog. Just a heads up!

I am so happy to announce that his sister, Vicky of  A Subtle Revelry (an amazing design blog) will be one of my bridesmaids! How could this not be the perfect start to a beautiful life with the man I love??!? 

I am filled with love and am so happy to share this process with you. 

<3 <3
Wishing you a magical, blessed Summer.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! that's Beautiful! that made my eyeballs leaky!!! he couldn't've picked a more beautiful spot!!!! OMG!!!! YAY, you!!!

  2. Congratulations, Laura! I love Glacier Park - nothing better than observing love and happiness there!

  3. Haha thank you both for your sweet comments! I'm so glad I have this video to share, it is a true gift!

  4. Oh my goodness! I'm sitting here with big smiles... congratulations you two... that was beautiful!

    Next coffee is on us!

    All the best!

  5. Wow! Thank you Keli! :) We'll be in soon. <3 I hope you're doing well.


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