The amazing three-armed flower girl!

Something struck me as odd when I looked at this lovely flower girl dress. It's the little girl- she has three arms!! hahahaha...

I took it as a little reminder to have fun and not take things so seriously when wedding planning.  If you're interested in this dress despite the three-armed girl, check out The amazing 3-armed flower girl on

Oh the wonders (and BLUNDERS!) of Photoshop.

 Tee hee... I hope you're having a lovely Summer. I've been thinking a lot about my flower girls (yes I'll have two!)... that's four arms all together!! hahaha... sorry I couldn't help myself. But what do you think about fairy wings on a flower girl? Too costumey? My ceremony is outdoors along the forest line. It might fit in well with our magical theme but not totally sold on the wings yet. hmm...


  1. TOO funny!!!

    I think fairy wings on little people are just about the most adorable thing on God's green!!! do it, if it makes you happy on your special day :D

  2. Thank you! Now to start my search for little fairy wings... I need two pairs!


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