Announcement about my Wedding!

Announcement: You'll notice that occasionally on my blog there will be posts regarding my wedding planning. I'm getting married on August 16th and planning for this has taken a lot of my creative energy and time, but it will all be so worth it! You'll see that sometimes I use my blog to share my wedding inspiration and information with my bridesmaids.
Don't lose hope- I promise to continue to post helpful things I'm learning from my classes and workshops along the way! I hope you don't mind the pretty wedding stuff though in the mean time. :)

PS: I'm getting married to this handsome man who did an incredible surprise marriage proposal !

Here are some of my Bridesmaid dress ideas! Enjoy. 

Never stop learning, growing, and reaching.



  1. I really like the Nordstrom bow dress. It is pretty, fancy and has a festive flair to it! Paired with the super expensive gold ring;)

  2. My favorites are the Periwinkle Parade Dress and the Tile Be There dress! They're both unique and cute and would flatter most body types! (Unlike the other ones...) I also like the v-neck dress but it's my third choice.

  3. I agree with your favorite choice, it is mine as well. very pretty! I do think that we should all match though :)

  4. My favourite is the Periwinkle Parade Dress, followed by the v-neck dress. I think both will fit well with your (absolutely gorgeous by the way!) wedding dress, but I think the Periwinkle Parade Dress will fit more body types and it also seems to be in the colour you originally wanted (can you get the v-neck in blue?).

  5. My favorite is the V-neck- so romantic! they are all lovely though. But I don't think the A-Line is cheery enough for the occasion.


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