For your vocabulary: "Feminicide"

The systematic mishandling of incidents of rape relating to the University of Montana has many of us poised to delve deeper, learning more about women's continuing fight for recognition on the world stage when violence is staged against them. Across the world women wait to be heard, but there are many who have decided that they should wait no more and seek justice right now.

Do you know the word "Feminicide"? It is a word used to describe a new kind of crime being waged against women, an especially violent crime based on gender alone. Nowhere has this type of crime been more rampant than in the city of Juarez (pronounced "wha-rez"), and now there has been an amazing turn of events. Finally, these women and their plight is being put on center stage, right here at the University in a series sponsored by the International Programs at the University of Montana.

Would you like to learn more? I want to personally invite you to the events being put on International Programs, February 13th-16th, co-sponsored by the UM School of Law, UM Women and Gender Studies Department, UM Women's Resource Center, Jeanette Rankin Peace Center, CAJA3, and countless others.

Come to the welcome Potluck Feb 13th, 6PM Burns St. Community Room, located at 1500 Burns St.
We begin by welcoming two individuals who were part of a groundbreaking case against the Mexican Government, holding the country accountable for the atrocities being overlooked and the poor responsiveness of the Government to take action in the face of this unspeakable gender violence.

Come to the Presentation “The Social, Political, and Economic Factors Influencing Gender Violence in Mexico and the Inspiring Response…” Feb. 14, UC 7PM

Attend the Law school continuing education presentation, Feb. 16th UM Law School, Room 201 1:30-4:30PM

Watch the Film: “BAJO JUAREZ: The City Devouring its Daughters” Feb 16th, University Center Theatre 7PM, Reception Following.

I sincerely hope to see you at at least one of these presentations. Please put them in your calender and resolve to learn more about what is happening to women on the world stage, so that incidents at the University of Montana never happen on the scale of Juarez Mexico, and so that violence against women will never again go unnoticed by authorities... completely unpunished.
Never stop learning, growing and reaching! Stand up against Feminicide!



  1. WOW that is crazy.... Proud of you for posting so much on this and being involved:)


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