Cheaper Alternatives to Trunk Club

Updated for 2020! Trunk Club is an excellent free "try before you buy" service but it's supper pricey, and less expensive alternatives are out there right now- no lines, no waiting. Here are the best three based on my personal experience!

Sign up for one of these great cheaper alternatives to TrunkClub and enjoy the benefits of a stylist without the expense. I have personally tried them so can say the Trunk Club vs Le Tote, as well as Trunk Club vs Stitch Fix and for plus size, I compared Stitch Fix vs Gwynnie Bee. Affiliate disclaimer: Please note that some of these links are affiliate links. At no additional cost to you, my blog will earn a commission if you make a purchase, which goes toward my blog cause.

As a young professional, it is a big challenge to transition a college closet to a legitimate business woman's wardrobe. But there are a few services out there making it easier, cheaper, and faster for us each to develop a personal style that is both on-trend and tailored. Thanks to the the internet, great options are popping up for anyone willing to spend between $20 - $50 per month!

Trunk Club vs Le Tote 

LeTote is a clothing rental service that literally makes your high-end clothing dreams come true! "Heart" items in their store room, and they style a box full of clothes for you. I can normally get at least 3 outfits from each box. The price of $49.95 per month gets you 5 designer clothing items per box with an unlimited boxes monthly subscription. With LeTote, it's 100% guilt free- you're actually encouraged to wear the clothes, and they do all the washing for you. There is also an option to buy what you love most. They have a cheaper jewelry option as well. One other thing I love about it is that when it's on it's way, you can get a sneak peek at what you're getting online in a personalized online store.
  • LeTote cost: $49.95 per month clothing box subscription (unlimited monthly boxes!!), or try the cheaper accessories-only option
  • Sizes up to Women's Large, and maternity
  • Professional high-end clothing, jewelry, bags and accessories
  • Items selected for you by a stylist based on your style survey, and you can switch out items 
  • before shipment finalizes if you want - this is huge for me!

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Trunk Club vs Stitch Fix 

Complete a style survey and dish about your style woes, because whatever it is- Stitch Fix makes it their business to solve. Your $20 "stylist fee" gets applied to your order if you choose to buy, and that's it! I love Stitch Fix for if there's something missing in your wardrobe or you want to be styled for a special occasion. And yes, they refer to your Pinterest board when piecing together your style options... glory glory alleluia! Stitch Fix now offers Maternity, Petites, and even Men's and Kid's!!!
  • Stitch Fix cost: Set up a subscription or try just once, a $20 Stylist Fee is applied to your order if you buy
  • Women's regular, petite, and maternity
  • "Trendy" clothing and accessories
  • Selected for you based on your Pinterest page and style survey (you don't have to have Pinterest but if you do isn't it nice that someone will actually be using it to help you achieve the style you love?

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Trunk Club vs Gwynnie Bee - (sizes 10+ women only)

This is really cool. It's actually a rental service so you're allowed to wear everything they send you as much as you want. I got Gwynnie Bee for my mom, who is transitioning back into the workplace, and her old workplace wardrobe has unfortunately become super dated and ill-fitting. I happen to know her shirt size and that's really all I had to fill out. Actually, the discovery of Gwynnie Bee is what set me on this road... Read my Mom's full review of Gwynnie Bee right here: Gwynnie Bee Review
  • Gwynnie bee cost: Free 30 day trial through my link, between $50- $70/month after depending on # of garments you want out at one time (kind of pricey)
  • Women's sizes 10-32
  • Professional and attractive clothing for plus-sized women
  • You select from their online shop, start a cue just like netflix

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Trunk Club vs Dia&Co 

I love what Dia & Co is doing for plus-sized women. You can tell from the questions they ask you on the style survey, that these people "get" the challenges with fit that are specific to curvier bodies.  Shopping as a plus sized woman is SO frustrating, but Dia & Co is really changing the game. Unlike Gwynnie Bee, you actually get a stylist, and with Dia & Co, it's *much* less expensive. The only downside is that it's not really rental like Gwynnie Bee is. Try on, keep what you like, return the rest. Simple!
  • Dia&Co cost: Set up a subscription or try just once, a $20 Stylist Fee is applied to your order if you buy, and there is normally a special discount if you keep everything they send you too.
  • Women's plus size EXPERTS
  • A wide range of styles, including activewear if you opt for that
  • Selected for you based on your Pinterest page and style survey

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I hope this post has served you and I look forward to sharing more about my experiences with these companies. When you become a real client and share one of these with your friends, they give you credit, so I get credit too if you decide to try through my link today. I highly recommend signing up so you can get discounts too! Please, if you hear about any others or have tried one of the above, comment below with your insight! 

Content by Laura Gabriele