Smooth Spring Ahead: How I Ditch the Winter Frizz

I hope you're having a beautiful start to your Spring! I just finished my yearly hair spring smoothing treatment, which cuts through the frizz and leaves my hair feeling smoother and refreshed for the new season.

The keratin treatment I use is something I first discovered years ago but haven't shared until now. It's suitable for all hair types but I especially love the results I get with my "3b" ringlets going silky smooth!

This video came out all wobbly so I'm going to have to re-upload it, but here it is anyway for now: Straighten Curly Hair - enjoy! Parts 2 and 3 coming soon.

Products mentioned in this video: 
I was not paid to write about or endorse these products, and I wasn't given the product free in exchange for the review. However, when you buy through my link I get a small commission which supports my channel and my blog cause! Thank you for your support! 

Yes, the picture and video is really just the above products, nothing else! Isn't it incredible? I really recommend Coppola's products because the result is healthier hair instead of chemical/heat damaged hair.

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Never stop Learning, Growing, and Reaching!

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