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I believe that saying it's not what you do, it's how you do it. When you get 2 days with the person you love, how will you spend it?

I recommend adventure. My husband and I just got back from our 2-day stay in Montréal. It's just 4 hours north of our home in New York - I couldn't wait to whip out my passport for this one! Whirlwind getaways like this are so romantic, especially when you don't tell a soul you're going anywhere.

I have some great suggestions for your trip to Montréal (I did all the digging for you, and have even weeded out the places that got high ratings on Yelp and TripAdvisor but were actually overrated!) so just press play - let your spirited exploration of the best of Montréal begin!

Excuses to go:

You need to brush up on your French
These super polite and friendly people seamlessly switch between speaking French and English. Have you ever heard someone say "et Voila" to you- seriously? Get ready for the magic of total cultural language immersion. Montréal has its fair share of tourists, but if you visit midweek like we did you'll always hear French first.

You just need some inspiration
The architecture here will astound you. Hang out in Old Montreal and you'll swear you're in Europe. Check out the Notre-Dame Basilica to see sights that can only be described as heavenly.

    Where to stay:

    Rob and I rented this beautiful apartment in old Montreal which overlooks the Notre-Dame Basilica. Click to check it out on AirBnB ($20 off your stay with my credit) - you will be amazed at the low price. The location is seriously unbeatable - right next door to the theatre and within walking distance to delicious dining options, China Town, and Old Port. Wifi is super fast and you won't have to leave your room to drink it in while getting your work done.


    Waste no time and head straight for the instagram-famous Tommy cafe. You'll love the elegant, giant windows, greenery hanging from the ceiling... try an iced latte sweetened with Canadian maple syrup and do not miss the melt-in-your mouth Nutella Cronut. Lots of delicious "real" food options as well!


    Bulldog Beer House

    If you're ready to try "Poutine" (a local staple of cheese curds, french fries and gravy) this is the place to do it. Situated on a glorious cobblestone road with horse-drawn carriages going by, the street eats at Bulldog Brew House will amaze. Get the shrimp! Trust me.

    Nolana Pizzeria
    Watch the fire burn in the gorgeously tiled pizza oven bearing the name: "Nolana" - your delicious oval-shaped woodfired pizza comes delivered to you on a wooden cutting board with a pair of scissors. YES, scissors. To start, order the caponata, a petite fried and breaded treat stuffed with eggplant, zucchini, tomato and mozzarella. The Margareta pizza is delicious and big enough for two. If you're feeling adventurous try the Polipetti, it's a pizza which features baby octopus!


    Jardin Nelson
    If you're in Old Town, don't miss this - you'll have to wait in the long line to sit in the garden area,  but it's so worth it. Or, catch the sunset from the front seating area, great for people watching and you might see a street performer or two. Beautiful live jazz music and great food!

    KYO Bar
    If you're feeling sushi (we were) try - KYO Bar where the sake overfloweth. Order the nigiri to see what I mean. Your eyes will bug out when you see their huge sake collection. Fill up on delicious and nutritious sushi then take the elevator to level 8 in the same building to the Terrase for unbeatable views with your cocktail.


    Terrase Palace D'Armes 
    Enjoy a cocktail and take in the stunning views of the Montréal skyline from this rooftop bar. If you stay in the AirBnB I recommend (scroll up - it's listed "Where to Stay") you'll even be able to spot your rented roost, just a few buildings away.

    SANTOS Tapas Bar
    If you plan to stay in Old Town, look no further than Santos. The management here aims to please- we were ushered into a beautifully appointed window seat where we could really kick back. This place has it all - the ambiance is perfect from lighting to music. We enjoyed the big gorgeous glasses of sangria and a mojito, plus a dozen oysters. Just the thing!

    PS: If you *accidentally* stay out past 11pm, and are super hungry you'll have to head into chinatown - These restaurants never seem to close. We went to the trusty Restaurant Cuisine Cantonese for some tea and Lemon Chicken that hit the spot.

    Getting Around:

    This is a very walkable and exciting city, full of plazas and interactive fun geared at pedestrians. Also, nobody honks here (it's actually illegal to honk without a compelling safety reason) which makes your nights much more cozy. Just in case you lose yourself along some cobblestone alley I highly recommend loading up your Uber credit now. Get your first ride free - up to $15 with code: gm98w. Or, take the subway but I didn't experience it so can't really speak to it. Call me old fashioned but I prefer staying above ground when possible, especially in a city this beautiful.

    So, did I convince you yet? Get packing! Montreal is waiting for you!

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