My Favorite Christian Planners

Who else has big plans for 2020? I love setting Christ-based goals, and I have found a few Christian  planners that support that approach.

I can't wait to go live with you on YouTube after Christmas to show you my favorite goal setting tools!

I originally wrote this blog post in 2017, so I've tried a few more planners since then and thought I should do a comparison video. You may be interested in that so please leave me a comment below if you'd like to be updated when that video becomes available!

The Christian Daily Planner

My life has changed a lot now that I'm a new Mom and I guess you could say my "style" of personal organization and spiritual development as changed too.

This year I am really favoring the focused, simple, appointment layout of The Christian Daily planner. More on this planner in upcoming videos, but I think just looking at their website will give you a very good sense of it:

I included The Christian Daily Planner in my 2019 Christmas Gift List (watch here) if you click that link you'll see I fast-forwarded it for you right to the part where I'm talking about the planner.

Again, you can see the planner (and even download a few freebies!) here:

Cultivate PowerSheets by Lara Casey

I love my Power Sheets - they help me understand how to nurture different area's of my life God's way. You can read my 2016 review and watch my walkthrough here: Make It Happen with Powersheets

Lara Casey, the woman behind the powersheets, really is an amazing woman, her book Make it Happen is excellent, and I also LOVE her "write the word" journals.

Shop Lara's whole collection at

Horacio Printing "The Best is Yet to Come" Planner

This was my main everyday-use planner for 2018, and I hit the ground running using some of the goal setting tools inside to map out my dreams, hopes, and plans for the year ahead.

I found Horacio Printing through their gorgeous Instagram account. Inside the planner you'll find beautiful statements like "He's Got This" and Bible verses on each page. Just having it laying around my home I find myself saying "the best is yet to come" so much! haha....

They have a beautiful walkthough video showing each page of the planner here on their site: The Best is Yet to Come Planner

Learn more at

I am still looking for more to review on my upcoming video. Subscribe to the YouTube channel so you don't miss any of the goodness. Click here to visit the Ambitious Christian Women Channel If you know of a Christian planner that should be featured in this roundup, please direct them to message me on Instagram: @sacredambition

Never stop learning, growing, and reaching!

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