Well it's been almost an entire year since my last post.

A quick inventory of the top 10 changes in my life since my last post

1) I moved back to Vegas and moved in with Aaron
2) I got involved with Student Government, started my own club, and ran for student body President.
3) After months of heartache and difficulty, I moved out of my apartment with Aaron and started attending church regularly.
4) I broke up with Aaron permanently just before the Summer.
5) I was given a summer internship working as a restaurant manager/supervisor at a country club, and really didn't like it.
6) Over Summer, I truly felt the presence of the Lord in my life.
7) I spent time with my family, time in Boston, even traveled to Buffalo NY to visit my dear friend Kyle, and we went to Canada.
8) I came back to Vegas and got back involved with school, was appointed Senator and Vice President of the Latino Student Alliance.
9) I was baptized in October at First Baptist Church of Henderson
10) My mom visited and we saw the Grand Canyon!

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