UNLV's 25% tuition increase for the Spring Semester

Join the Facebook Group: "The Nevada Higher Education Budget Cuts are threatening my future." for updated information about the budget cuts and how they will inevitably effect you. How destructive the budget cuts become for us depends on how many (or how few) students stand up for themselves.

The Board of Regents will soon make a decision about raising tuition by 25% for the Spring semester. The Regents must decide by December 12, but the issue will be discussed during the December 4-5 Regents meeting at UNLV's Stan Fulton Building. The timing of the meeting is rather dubious, considering it is taking place when most students are studying for finals.

However, if enough students show up and make a statement during the meeting we can directly effect the outcome of the Regents' decision. I urge you all to either attend, spread the word, or at least express your support in any way possible.

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