A Small Wonder

While raking the leaves from the lawn this afternoon, I saw from the corner of my eye a little boy carrying empty garbage bags, headed towards me. "Hello, I'd like to help you rake your lawn!" He bubbled and glowed like nothing I've seen before. "Grandpa lives a few houses down, and I'm collecting leaves to fill in a hole," he explained. Of course I accepted his help, because after all, he had a hole to fill. He held the black bags open as I tossed in the piles of leaves I collected. As a bonus, I learned all about the adventures and misadventures of the nieghborhood children. Who's hanging out with who, and why so and so isn't his friend anymore, and which street has the best hill for biking, and his plans to become a "Tech Nerd" and DEFINATELY not an illustrator because he really doesn't like drawing.

Here's a picture of little Malcom showing his strength!

He'll probably never understand how he warmed my heart today.

Thank heaven for little boys :)
Think he'll be this much of a gentleman when he's grown a bit? ;)

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