Something About September

September came to me when...
That CIDER crossed the border from the land of theirs to mine
as the scanner beeped like a tiny trumpet of welcome victory!!!!!!!!!

Last weekend, I saw my Aunt stretching down to collect some leaves
To save them for her grandchildren who forget what colors look like when we're all knee deep in the white-washed snow lows of Winter.
When she picked it up and exclaimed at its beauty,  that was the precise moment when September smacked my eye with Red, Yellow, Orange, Brown and left Green behind!!!

September hid behind the big concrete wall of the college library and spooked me out of reading the book I'd just borrowed. September made me put it back!

September's the bully that forces me into becoming another year older, whether I want to or not.

September is where you land after the August rush is over, and just like my boyfriend Robin's flying dream, find that you more often than not land on your FACE and need to learn to fall more gracefully.You need to take a lesson from the leaves.

Someone pass the cider.
Because I love it.

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