A Timely Update!

After a couple of "unique" posts, I think it's time to just re-engage with my blog and write a little about what's going on in my heart. :)

 I'll start by saying that I'm writing you this from a sun-filled kitchen in a glorious two story Spanish Villa overlooking the majestic pillared stone buildings of my college campus. The blanket of snow has made everything look spotlessly clean and pure... what's more, I'm listening to Enya.

What a perfect opportunity to take some time to update you on what's going on in my life!

A Fool for School
I'm well into the third week of classes at the University @ Buffalo, and I've really been enjoying all my classes. I'm taking Managerial Accounting, a science course called "Great Advances in Science, the Micro-world: Medical Implant Controversies", World Commerce, Statistics, and Jazz Band. Yes you read this correctly. I've really been enjoying all my classes.

I've had a major attitude shift towards school and I love the satisfaction from getting A's in every class, on every test and quiz so far!  And I know I'm only a month into it, but you know what? I'm already doing better than I was last semester, and I see this as being my best semester in college yet- not only based on my performance, but also my level of enjoyment and fulfillment.

So, I'm looking forward to keep chipping away at this semester and experiencing the rewards of my enthusiasm and hard work.

Wedding and a Birthday...
 Earlier this month, I attended Mark's (my third-cousin) wedding and got a hefty helping of family, love, joy, and celebration that has not really satiated me but instead left me craving more! Everyone, have more weddings! ha ha I'm so happy that Mark has met Jessica and that they've made this dedication that is just between them and God. Let me tell you, I was there and it was a beautiful demonstration of their faith and commitment. It was also an honor to sing for their ceremony and praise God that He allowed me to contribute to their wedding in that special way. :)  I was so happy to meet my little 2nd cousin Christopher Simpson for the very first time. It had been years since I'd seen my cousin Philip (since his wedding) so this was a really great reunion for us. With my amazing family, the 12 hour drive from Saugerties, NY to North Carolina was not just tolerable, it was actually enjoyable! Yes, you read that right as well. Pop your eyes back in now. haha. I quote my Mom: "Bananas? ... Rotten Bananas??" Yah... you'd only know if you were there. :) Mom, if you're reading this, I love you.

Speaking of my Mom, last weekend was her birthday! :) I wrote her a little card and gave her some reading materials (Better Homes & Gardens, mind you) as well as a year subscription to their magazine. Although I couldn't be physically there for her birthday, I heard it was great- lunch at PF Chang's, watching the new flick, "Avatar" on I-MAX, enjoying Godiva chocolates, man oh man. As an added bonus, my boyfriend Robin sent her a package with a lovely letter and a book called 100 Years of Solitude which she told me yesterday she's already 150 pages into! Whoa! So needless to say, she really likes that gift. I'm sure she also read her Better Homes & Gardens cover to cover that material is time sensitive!! (Are you still reading this, Mom? haha) Also, my Dad took her out to a special dinner the following evening. Go, Dad! ;)

Knock knock, it's the IRS...
 So you're probably wondering, what the heck were you doing on your Mom's birthday, Laura? Well, my dear inquisitive friend, I was being trained to be IRS certified to do people's taxes. Yes, I know, it doesn't get much more masochistic for any fun-loving 22 year old. And you certainly are right. But they're going to be holding a free tax-preparation service for low-income families right across the street from me and I really want to be a part of that. Not long ago, my friend Jeannie replied to one of my blog posts saying that a good way for us to give when we can't give financially is to instead give of our time. I believe that God made this opportunity to serve the community clear to me, and I'm looking forward to it. I'll let you know how that all goes. :)

This Weekend, A couple faces I've been aching to see...

 I'll be doing a little drive to Oil City, PA to visit my Grandparents and spend a couple days with them. Grandma Simpson and I have a very healthy pen-pal arrangement going so I'm always really anticipating my visits there. :) This I think will be the third time I've been to visit since I came to Buffalo back in June and I hope to do this even more often so long as I'm this close.


My Uncle Eric proposed to his girlfriend, Melinda, and she said YES! Not that I'm surprised she did, haha, because he's a really cool guy. We all love Melinda so much and are really excited to have her as a part of our family. No word on the wedding date yet, they are still exploring options for the destination! Congratulations to the both of you, we couldn't be happier.=D
 On the horizon...

In a mere 2 and a half weeks, I will be aboard a flight to Vegas, N.V. With our planned cross-country road trip,  my boyfriend Robin will become a part of my daily life! He's decided to eliminate this land gap that has kept us apart for the past 6 months. Our situation has undoubtedly challenged our determination and dedication to eachother. But we've been doing incredibly well despite the distance, and by finally being able to enjoy his presence, things can only get better.

 Until next time!
Well, that's all I have time to share right now but thanks for reading. I hope you really enjoy this day God's given you and find ways to somebody smile.


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