Schkoawangunks (sp)

I don't know how you spell them, but they're beautiful.

Yesterday, Mom, Dad, Robin and I took the hour drive up to this world famous mountain range. World famous for rock climbing! On the way, Robin told us how in his teens he'd watched the movie "Big Ups" on vhs over and over- and it was filmed (at least in part) in the "Gunks" here in NY just outside New Paltz

We weren't able to do any climbing of our own, but we did stop in to a really nice visitor's center and gathered information for our future visit, hopefully on a nice sunny day. It was raining yesterday :(
I think New Paltz is an awesome place. What's funny is you when you're on the 32, you feel like youre in the heart of it, but then you cross a bridge and suddenly you're in the middle of farmland! It's a trip ;)
We had lunch at Neko Sushi which was my favorite. I also got a great photo of a blowfish but I won't share that with you just yet.... big plans for that blowfish. You'll see.
Out of curiosity we visited The Inner Wall climbing gym hoping that it would be enormous and incredible. It was pretty small actually (about the size of Niagra Climbing Center in Buffalo, NY) but I was tickled by the great white shark strung on the wall, and the alien in the back room. You will have to go to see what I'm talking about!!

When we got back to Saugerties, the first thing we did was purchase some chicken wire. My little brother, David is making himself into a bush for arbor day.
... :) Pictures to come.

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