Spring Things :)

Finally, finally FINALLY! I'm able to start my little viola seeds in my eggshell greenhouse...
The oregano plant on the left and the seeds were both gifts from Mom :) I hope the tiny viola seeds grow as strong as the oregano has!

I think seeds have got to be one of the best gifts you can give someone. It's a low-pressure gift since the recepient isn't stuck with a live plant to take care of, a plant which would probably die a week later anyway! What's more, they can germinate the seeds whenever they want if and when they are so motivated. And nothing compares to the satisfaction of a newly sprouting seed, or budding branch, or blooming flower, a plant coming to life from your effort.

Using tweezers to carefully tuck each seed into its shallow hole, I realized how much patience I must have gained from working in that Nevada greenhouse. I used to spend hours every day just sowing seeds, and thinking about life, or thinking about nothing. The good days are the ones when your mind easily rests on the feeling of sun on your skin and the bird-songs, the bad days- when any thought gets in the way of that bliss. As for now, I've got a lot on my mind. Planting things and making them grow puts me back in step with my breath, and I'm breathing easy.

I came home one day to a surprise bouquet.

Robin had gotten me a whole lot of flowers, which I made 8 small arrangements from and distributed all over the house in my mini-vases, which fit perfectly on the windowsills here! :) Thanks to my formal education in floral design, I have the confidence to just wing it, and I know that one bouquet can go a long, long way. ;) I'm only posting this one photo because it's one of my favorites, it happens to be the most clean and simple of them- This one brings some life to the little blue bathroom.

I'm pleased to say that I have officially SURVIVED my first Buffalo Winter!  It wasn't as bad as they say, you know. I knew it wouldn't be. hehe plus, now I'm "strong like bull!" errr... anyway, tomorrow is the first day of Spring and everything here is already popping out of the soil. It's good for the soul, and so worth the wait!

It's amazing having Robin here in Buffalo. Things are joyful.
While I started my Gladiolus bulbs in my back porch flower boxes, Robin began a project of his own. Here's that blowfish I mentioned earlier. Using a picture from my camera phone, he replicated this awesome blowfish from a flag hanging in a sushi restraurant in New Paltz, N.Y. Now that he's made this fun stencil, he can paint it on pretty much everything! A couple weeks ago, he also made a Narwhal stencil from a picture we drew and made me a shirt from it. :) Maybe I'll model that for you. But only if you ask.

Till nextime,
Change the world! Love someone.

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