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Life could go in a million different directions right now! I'm about to move out West to Missoula, Montana and everything is up in the air. I don't know where I'll live, work, anything... but I do know I'm gonna be a Grizzly! I like this blanket I found on Amazon.com...  It shows a big grizzly bear and a beautiful mountain range. I just realized that when I was a little girl, I had a teddy bear with a grizzly-hump back! So maybe living in the wilds of Montana surrounded by grizzlies will actually subconsciously serve to relax me. ;)

Lately I haven't been sure what to do with my Etsy.com shop, SongbirdsBranch. I only have one item for sale and its been quite a while since I first listed it. I have even gone so far as to purchase a domain name and build a nice website for my brand. www.SongbirdFloralDesign.com
While I do feel somewhat discouraged, I know that I've done very little to promote the item (financial reasons) and build up the shop with more merchandise. Truth is, I'm afraid to pour what little money I have down the drain, even if the drain is something I made with my own hands. Also my upcoming move has prompted me to try and simplify my life. No shopping for new things, even if they're craft supplies. What should I do when I get to Montana? Continue building and growing my own business in floral design using the tools on Etsy.com? That sounds amazing to me, but is it really, truly what I want to do? Should I help Robin start the t-shirt business he wants so badly? Absolutely. I can't wait to start exploring these options, but for now they're in gridlock until I arrive in Montana!

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