The Internet

The past couple days I've been having trouble with my internet connection at home and so have had to figure out what to do instead of surfing...
I realized how powerful a tool the internet is and how I sometimes misuse it with mindless browsing. Here and there I do a couple productive things, but not enough to make it wholly worthwhile. And what if it all disappeared one day? It's easy to imagine catastrophe that cuts us off from the invisible world wide web. I know several people who build their livelihoods around the availability of the internet, a most dangerous livelihood at that because it could all come crashing down, taking with it any proof of what you've accomplished.
I'm going through this transition period right now where I start plugging in and working full time. Is it really worth the risk to invest myself fully in the internet? I plan to spend a little more time in the physical world before I dive in. Maybe I'll gain a little more perspective.
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