A new thing

I'm doing something new!! Surprised?

It's called Alpenglow Apparel. A custom screen-printing service that is causing local businesses to re-think their printing practices and make the switch to Organic cotton and Eco-friendly, permanent inks. We are the only screen-printers in Missoula with a full commitment to our eco-friendly product and a member of the Sustainable Business council.

As a co-owner of the company, I've joined the Missoula Businesswoman's Network and made some great connections at their Symposium last week. Check out our website at www.AlpenglowApparel.com and friend our facebook! Alpenglow Apparel Facebook Page oh yeah, and I've  been tweeting about this a while at @MTgreenTee

Please connect with us and help us build our influence in the community as we help Missoula businesses to adhere to true sustainable practices!!

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