Oh my goodness, it's 2011!

My blog really took a back seat to life for the past few months! There has been much purging of the old to make way for the new! My time at the floral shop has come to an end but it was a wonderful learning experience. I also ended employment with the local grocery store in favor of something better, something NEW.

Robin and I formed a business called Alpenglow Apparel. I do not attribute its formation to the loss of that cashiering job, all praise goes to Robin for his level-headedness during this tough time and thinking on his feet how to best manage our dwindling resources.

Alpenglow is a German word meaning the phenomena of light refracting off snowy mountain-tops just before sunrise. A rosy glow results- and it's truly breathtaking. This is a scene we've become accustomed to in the beautiful Missoula, Montana valley. 

The company is an LLC and we will be working exclusively with organic cotton and screenprinting with eco-inks. The website is here: www.AlpenglowApparel.com 
Hopefully this venture will be enough for us to live off of for now and hopefully it will thrive in the future. It requires our combined 200% effort in every department and since its incorporation we've been met with some success.

I embark on another amazing year, grateful for every day I've been given. Trying to make the most of it.

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