Missoulian’s Lament

This one goes out to all the Missoula drivers. Something's been on my mind. I think it's been on yours too. This is about... POTHOLES!

Missoula tempts us with Spring, but we all pay a price
The water expands and turns into ice
Between cracks and crevices under our feet
and it all does a number on Missoula streets.
Potholes! They’re everywhere, if you haven’t seen,
So big you can barely drive in between!
Weaving and swerving through each intersection,
Just to protect your precious suspension!
This is a cry to our lawmakers, (who must not have cars)
Or who live in a section not as bumpy as ours,
Please see the plight of Missoulian motorists,
And clean up this warzone, looks like bombs have been dropped on us!
And if you don’t hear us, I know what I’ll do,
I’ll move to the third world… where the roads are more smooth!

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