Montana Women in Business!

Lately, my job has taken me all over town meeting so many great small business owners, and I can't wait to share what I'm seeing and learning along the way! So... where to start?

I recently joined to Missoula Businesswoman's Network and have gained so much valuable business and networking knowledge from their annual symposium. MBN has been good to me, they covered the cost of my admission to the event in the form of a scholarship! Not only was I able to spread the word about my company, I also gained plenty of inspiration from the presenters.

Coming up, I will share my notes from the following presentations:
Karen Loye Porter  from Impact Online Marketing, on "Growing Your Business Online"
Ris Higgins from Leadership Outfitters, "Release Your Voice Within. Reclaim You!"
Jane Foster from Foster and Foster Financial Services, "Face to Face Networking? Are You Kidding?"
Varju Lucento from Global Office Partners, Inc. "7 Steps to Small Business Marketing Success"
I also had a very special meeting with Lois McElravy from Lessons from Lois, see her website here.

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So, stay tuned for valuable insights from these amazing women!

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