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Years of college didn't do much for my style, and now that I've transitioned into an upscale office environment, I am forever grateful for Stitch Fix. Even now, in May 2017, I'm still enjoying Stitch Fix!

Stitch Fix actually listened to me yabber on about my needs,
"I like colors that have bright undertones instead of dark undertones. I have short curly hair so my hairstyle is on the edgy side. I like to dress feminine and sophisticated- my pinterest board tells all! Thank you :)"
And Stitch Fix continually AMAZES me with what they send. It's so right on, again and again that I always feel compelled to buy something.

But the truth is, Stitch Fix isn't for everyone. Not only does it cater to smaller sizes, (here's a great plus-size alternative to Stitch Fix) it puts you in the hands of someone who is totally going off what you say about yourself. This means, if you're not at least semi-clear about your personal style, Stitch Fix might not be right for you.

Thankfully, they ask a LOT of questions, starting from your age, giving you some visual cues, and going all the way to what patterns you like to avoid. Overall, they are the absolute best I have seen at style profiling.

Here is the inside scoop.

My first fix contained the following:
stitch fix cards
My first Fix
I felt they had heard me out on the colors that I like- but I don't think the patterned tops (Carolyn Floral and Koma Tribal Tank) were a good match for a petite woman like me. The Carolyn was way too long to be a top, too short to be a dress (awkward!) and the Koma was made of a fabric that really couldn't be dressed up enough for work. The Nada Pencil Skirt threw me off- way too see-through and really- who wears white skirts?

However, the Doreen French Terry Blazer and the Lyla Striped Cardigan were both big hits for me.

The stylist's choice of the Doreen definitely showed she had taken a good look at my Pinterest.

It's now a part of my regular wardrobe and I like pairing it against black. I especially like the way it looks with bright pink nails.

The looks my stylist suggested were nice, but I think the blue on green would be too much color for me, and the striped dress might be too fancy for work.

The blazer was so "me" that it inspired a whirlwind of selfies - I love that boost of confidence from a new piece of clothing you love!

Wearing my Stitch Fix blazer!

Stitch Fix Styling Tip:

My work environment is challenging to dress for because although it's a Victorian castle, my position at work is web/online. Sometimes its tricky dressing to fit in with my surroundings but also look the part. To that end, if you want to use Stitch Fix to expand your work wardrobe, then definitely give them some details on what kind of environment it is and what your position is. You have the opportunity to guide them, so why not be specific?

So friends - that's it. My first big Stitch Fix review. Here are my main takeaways in a quiz format to help you make your final choice.

Is Stitch Fix Right For You?

Consider the following before getting Stitch Fix. If you answer YES to two or more of these, then Stitch Fix is totally right for you!
  1. Do you have a semi-developed style? i.e. you generally know what colors and patterns look best on you... You could look at a top and say "yuck!" knowing it would look bad before even trying it on.
  2. Are you a size 10 or over? (If not, I highly recommend you consider this alternative!)
  3. You have a specific "hole" in your wardrobe you're trying to fill - like a special event, or work clothes like me. Stitch Fix makes it easy to time shipments so you can get something right before a big event.
  4. You are open and willing to share your needs and tastes. Some people don't really like the idea of sharing their Pinterest board with a stranger. But Stitch Fix thrives on knowing what you like and matching a look to your tastes, so Pinterest is their perfect partner in crime.
Did you answer "Yes" to at least 2 of the 4 quiz questions? Then...

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Never stop learning, growing, and reaching!

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