Trunk Club and Le Tote for Larger Sizes

Hi loves! I have personally been loving Le Tote, (see my post on that here: LeTote Review) but if you're looking for an option for sizes 10+, I think you need to know a few services my mom and I discovered a few months ago! I want you to know that I make a small commission off the link that powers my blog cause IF you decide to get it.

Gwynnie Bee

The first is called Gwynnie Bee, and it is a great answer for women who are looking to expand their fashion/business wardrobe quickly, but don't necessarily have the cash to buy it all at once! It's actually a rental service so you're allowed to wear anything you want from the box as much as you want, which is really nice. LeTote costs around $50 up front, but Gwynnie Bee is only $10 to try, so now's the time to check it out! No strings attached, don't you love it? Here is my Mom's complete review of Gwynnie Bee! Click to see my mom's Gwynnie Bee Review

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The second service is Dia & Co which just came on the scene. It's not a rental service, it's much more like Trunk Club, but the prices are so much better than even Gwynnie Bee. So, you pay a $20 styling fee and an actual stylist looks at your style survey plus anything else you sent them (like your Pinterest page) to make you a custom box of items in your price range. Allelujiah! You keep what you like and that styling fee goes toward anything you keep, which is kindof nice.

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