3 Best Reasons to Get up at 5AM, and More Insights on Building a Great Morning Ritual

Dear Bed - it's not you, it's me. You are comfy, cozy, and available any time. You are extra warm, and as the weather turns colder leading to crisp mornings, that toasty warmness means a lot to me. But it's just not working anymore. You, hands down, were the gateway drug to mediocrity that has nearly destroyed all my new years resolutions.

I thought I knew how to handle our relationship, getting up at 7 or 7:30 am every day, but then I started snoozing, then finding myself rushing around just to get to work on time, leaving me frazzled instead of focused and prepared. But there's still 3 months left of this year. It's time for a change. I need a little more "me" time, and I think we should spend less time together.

So, what is the solution...

Maybe you, like me, are considering joining the "5am Club". Leadership and productivity expert, Robin Sharma (author of The Leader Who Had No Title and The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari) touts membership in the 5'oclock club as a key feature of top achievers. I, for one, want to win the battle of the bed! Put mind over mattress!

 Getting up at 5 AM is one of the ways I am changing my habits and am working to develop a better brain, and a better life.

I have tried it before, and failed. But I made it all about working out, and it wasn't a big enough motivator for me. What I've learned since then is that preparation for your day ahead gives you a psychological edge and a "primary win", mental confidence that sets you apart from the masses.

If you normally get up at 7, and now get up at 5 just Monday-Friday, you gain an extra 40 hours of self-improvement per month - approx 480 hours per year, or 20 days! A tiny adjustment for a massive reward.  Here are my top three reasons to get up a at 5am, along with tips for how you can join the "club" too.

1. No-Excuses Time for what Really Matters - Finding time for what matters is a huge challenge, and usually by the end of a workday the best I can handle is cooking. By setting aside time for things thta matter first thing in the morning, I'm able to create a clear path for success. My favorite online workout is Blogilates wth Cassie Ho, which is totally free- so fun, intense and uplifting! Getting fit is so important for success - to get the energy and stamina you need to really be of use. Also, I love using my slow-cooker, it's a great way to eat healthy and you come home to a delicious smelling home.

2. Establishing and Keeping a Holy Hour to Consciously Leave the Herd - Most of what we do in life is the result of our sub-conscious minds running on auto-pilot. To have true change, you need to interrupt and gain control of your thoughts. One hour in the morning to feed your mind and nourish your soul puts you in good company with great writers, thinkers, throughout the centuries and helps your behavior and thinking reach a new level of creativity and greatness.

3. Build Willpower and Grit - The #1 factor of success is GRIT. It means you have ridiculous levels of persistence. You may have a vision, but it will be diluted by challenge unless you develop grit. When you go to your limits, your limits expand. Change is hard in the beginning, messy in the middle, and gorgeous in the end. Being able to get up at 5am will make other (much harder) things easier, because you've overcome one of the #1 things that holds people back from greatness - getting out of bed.

Need more convincing or a boost? Here is a video by Robin Sharma that convinced me! Robin says that it takes 66 days for something to become a true habit. He also mentions that not eating or using a digital device after 8pm will help you get better sleep.

If your loved one doesn't share your desire to wake up at 5am, try using the very best tools available, such as a this one that won't wake them up!

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