Great Gifts for the Women You're Secretly Afraid Of

This year - if you're a newlywed or just landed a dream job, or if you're actively networking and building your connections, you may find yourself holiday shopping for several people you don't know well but are desperate to impress.

It could be a boss (check!). If you're a newlywed it may be a sister-in-law or mother-in-law (yep I've got those too!). Maybe it's a mentor, or a wonderful Grandma. And the list goes on.

A Woman Who Inspires...

There is one person on my Christmas list this year who I am especially challenged to buy for that inspired this search. It's my sister in law! It really could not be any more intimidating. In my case, my sister in law is a well-known blogger and a creative business powerhouse.

She's been featured in Martha Stewart Living magazine, and she even released a book: Materially Crafted: A DIY Primer for the Design-Obsessed which teaches the all-important groundwork for us to make every DIY Pinterest dream come true.

What to Do?

It's too tricky to buy clothes at this stage (and it's really never appropriate to buy clothes for a boss!) and the typical gifts for women just make me cringe. Read on to see my 3 best gift ideas for very special women.

1. Give Her the Gift of Style

I still don't think that clothes or any gift card with a clear monetary value are necessarily a good gift for your boss. But other women, like a sister-in-law or mentor, I really recommend a specific styling company called Stitch Fix.
Here I am wearing my Stitch Fix dress!
 Photo by Jillian Tree Photography

A styling service like Stitch Fix is a great gift because it doesn't say "wear this" or "your style needs help" – your own personal stylist is a luxe gift that says you deserve the best. And that's exactly what Stitch Fix is all about! Stitch Fix has Maternity and Plus Sizes, too! Test it out on yourself first using my link and you get $50 to use toward any of the items you fall in love with! <3  $50 off invite from Laura Gabriele

In the greeting card to your mentor you could write something like:

I've always admired your style – here's something to magnify it even more! Enjoy your styling session!

2) Give her the Gift of Delicious

In my online travels to solve this challenging gifting situation, I inevitably came across some amazing things, and as always, unearthed some advice to make you think differently!

Enter... Home Chef!

Home Chef is an amazing Food Box Subscription that sends fresh ingredients and recipes right to your door. This affordable gift is perfect for a friend, a sister-in-law, a mentor, or really anyone who wants to be a superstar in the kitchen.

3. Give a Gift Based on Something She Taught You

You could say something to the effect of:

You always told me to keep a journal. I found this one which made me think of you. You should have it! I know you will fill it with wisdom.

The Life Handbook  // Hardcover

Lara Casey's Life Journal (pictured above) helps any woman to collect all of their beautiful stories and life experience all in one place to share with a loved one. I love this! Such a great way to leave a legacy.

4. Give the Gift of Recognition

Maybe this person has touched many many lives. Ask people about her. Host a banquet or a party in her name, and invite all the people whose lives she's touched. If she's not near retirement age, a simple glowing letter to her boss if she's a teacher, or a letter to her Association would be a good alternative. Look for any local awards that are giving being given out to mentors and be prepared to write an essay about her!

Who is the most challenging person to shop for this year? Share in the comments below! Do you have any other creative solutions? Are you going to try a styling service, a food box subscription or something else? I'd love to know! Thanks for reading :)

Never Stop Learning, Growing and Reaching,


Content by Laura Gabriele