What to Wear in a Family Photo - 3 styling services that are MUST tries!

It was the ultimate style challenge - a family portrait (my very first with my husband's family) and we were to wear coordinating outfits - grey tops for girls, and colored pants... Colored pants!

With all the amazing online styling services - I'm telling you, you can have one amazingly stylish family portrait, my friend. You just need to know where to look. Scroll on down to my top 4 pics for the BEST family photo look - for all the peeps in your family. Please note that this blog post contains affiliate links! Thank you for supporting my blog's cause!

This is one of those times I was so, so grateful for Stitch Fix. If you haven't already heard about this FABULOUS company, Stitch Fix is an online personal styling service that ships boxes full of brand new clothes to you according to your size, preferences (which they get from your Pinterest page and other sites!) for a $20 fee. The best part? That $20 fee gets applied to anything you choose to buy. And trust me, you'll fall in love with something. There is also a men's equivalent of Stitch Fix , called Bespoke Pos which seems amazing. Also, if you need something for kiddos, there's FabKids 

My mother in law's first fix, with her notes on what she kept!
Anyway, so there I was. Without time to shop over the very busy holiday season, I was left scrambling to find the perfect outfit for this really important photo. With a click, I was able to schedule a fix to arrive at my in-law's house in Las Vegas, where I would be visiting, packed full of options for the unique style challenge. Of course -Stitch Fix already had my sizing down to a T. With a few months of experience of styling me already under my belt, I knew I could count on them to come through, so I didn't even bring other options from home.

When the box arrived two days before the family portrait, I was excited to share my loot with my Mother in Law, Marilyn. I was so happy to get her feedback on each piece, narrow it down to just one outfit. Of course - I ended up finding the perfect thing, and while I feel it would be wrong to share my family photo right here on the blog, I will say I felt so confident and happy with how it turned out and am so grateful to Stitch Fix!

After seeing what Stitch Fix could do for me, my Mother in Law Marilyn decided to give it a try. Yesterday, she received her very first fix, and she's so pleased that she's already scheduled her second one. 

She sent me her sheet with these notes (see left), showing us what she chose to keep and what she sent back- which is all part of the process. And one thing I've noticed is that over time, the stylists get more and more attuned to your style and sizing needs.

If you haven't tried Stitch Fix yet, I invite you to give it a shot and let me know what you think back here on the blog. Not only is it great for just a wardrobe refresh, they really do a great job at style challenges like my family photo.

Top 4 styling services I recommend:

  • Stitch Fix (for ladies sizes 0 to 14)- boxes of new clothes, keep what you like, $20 styling fee (affiliate link - thanks for your support!)
  • Bespoke Post (for men) - I also highly recommend Bespoke Post which is for men (heard about this via Esquire magazine)(affiliate link - thanks for your support!)
  • FabKids (for kids) - super cute clothes for boys and girls sizes 2+ that I hear about eveerrry where (affiliate link - thanks for your support!)

This post contains affiliate links as noted. That means, when you click and buy through one of the links, you support the blog cause

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