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I love sharing what's working for me, and sometimes on this blog I'll include a link to a helpful resource for purchase. When I find myself recommending a product or service again and again, I try to reach out to the product maker and ask if I can receive a commission in exchange for the exposure. I do make some income from this blog which is wonderful because it helps me justify keeping it going!

Because transparency matters to me, I'm sharing below how money made from this blog is being used. If you have ever bought something through one of my links, I want to thank you for supporting the goals and causes listed below.




We reached 2,000 members on our Facebook group! But more than the numbers, we are seeing amazing testimonies coming out of this group - women joining their local churches again, women praying with their husbands for the first time, women saying they are becoming more patient with their children, women reading the Bible for themselves for the first time. To celebrate, I will be giving again to the Walter Hoving Home. I also purchased postage and small gifts for our 5 leaders who helped with the Morning Miracles Challenge. We also provided a small scholarship to one woman.

To celebrate 1,000 subscribers on YouTube we did a giveaway of a beautiful Jeremiah 29:11 fleece blanket, and two runner up prizes for our members. So much fun! It's amazing to look back and see what God has done! I completed 4 weeks of membership training classes at my new church and feel so on fire to share my testimony!

God is so good! Rob and I found a home church, Blaze Christian Fellowship. Ambitious Christian Women reached 1,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Getting settled in a new place - Santa Fe, New Mexico and seeking a home church!

As we return to the states I kicked off a series of women's mixers and live events across the East coast. Money made from this blog help fund travel, decorations, gifts and other expenses as I connect with women that I have been discipling online with a message called "Standing Firm in the Armor of God" which shares stories of my time in Guatemala made into actionable challenges for Christian women.

MAY 2016 - OCT 2017 GOALS:
My husband and I left our full time jobs to pursue what God put on our hearts- move to Guatemala to do mission work! While in Guatemala we have been serving at an orphanage for children with special needs, and helping to build up a ministry for the homeless, launching a homeless shelter in Guatemala in October 2017! Money made from this blog has helped our transition as we move from full time work to freelance, and helps us fund many of our projects here in Guatemala. We are also using money made from this blog to support my growing online ministry: Ambitious Christian Women. We return to the states on October 4, 2017!

Time for massive shifts! I'm taking my business full time this May, and in April I'm working hard to leave the company in an excellent position to find a great replacement for me. More details to come.

 Get better at making videos and have an awesome vacation!

This month, I started to realize how important it is to be gentle, authentic, and willing to adjust. Being concerned my for my health I started doing the deepest thinking I've ever done, and decided to take this blog in a bit of a different direction. I used some blog income to purchase basic video gear like a green screen and tripod, as well as some cute props!

This month brought with it a massive shake-up! My health started spinning out of control, everything from stomach, to migraines. This definitely got in the way of my normal goals, but I cut out coffee and alcohol which helped me some. I also got to visit the Walter Hoving Home again and was so amazed by their progress! 

Not much writing, but a whole lot of editing. This month I'm going all over my blog to try to make it work better. I have a lot of challenges to address with image sizing issues, compatibility, broken links and the like. It's a lot of behind the scenes work which unfortunately isn't too flashy. But it'll pay off in the end! This month I'm also doing a few goal setting exercises with Danielle LaPorte's fire starter sessions. Plus, I got my power sheets from Lara Casey, so I'll be all set for the new year. I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday!

Rest month! As business at my full time job picks up, sometimes my blog has to take a back seat for a while. Well, more like a caboose! But I'm excited for what a good period of rest can do for the creative mind and effective goal setting. One great thing that happened this November was my trip to Tuscarora for Christian Women's retreat. I loved singing with my home group. I'm looking forward to sharing more about that experience soon.

OCTOBER 2015 GOALS: Spa Beauty Day for the women's home is scheduled for 10/24!  We are planning some fun DIY's that I'll try to share on the blog!

SEPTEMBER 2015 GOALS: It's my birthday month, which means it's my chance to draw attention to even more causes I believe in. This month I am hoping to gain support for someone who has touched my life... one of my mentors, Karen Porter. This is the awesome lady who believed in me, and taught me how to build a website, as well as my first portfolio, and coached me through the process of getting my first client. I recently found out that she has a rare and aggressive form of cancer. Please consider donating to her cause, CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE FIGHT

AUGUST 2015 RECAP: This month was amazing! Visiting the Walter Hoving Home was tremendously inspiring, and prompted my blog post to help others find their Passionate Purpose. This month on top of a monetary donation, we gave over 25 gorgeous, brand new Calvin Klein bras to women in need through the Bras & Bibles program. Bras & Bibles is dedicated to giving new high quality intimates to women enrolled in Christ-based recovery programs.

JULY 2015 RECAP: We matched last month's giving and began putting together our plan for a beauty day for the women at the home! I was so excited about the level of interest from women in the Bible study. We want to do it right so it's going to take a little bit of planning and organization- but we think that it will launch in early September.

JUNE 2015 RECAP: Together we gave $250 to the Walter Hoving Home! See their 990 here. I started gathering some great products and services for my first giveaway to happen at the end of July.

MAY 2015 RECAP: In May we were able to donate $162 to the Walter Hoving Home. We also supported a female missionary in Bosnia named Portia through our Bras & Bibles program. This woman leader has inspired me! as well as purchasing supplies for a home based bible study that will have a mission focus. Some supplies purchased were: Bibles, paper cups, and general office supplies. We also purchased individual nail care kits that will be part of our mission in 2015 - to host a beauty day for local women in need! It sounds strange but this goal has been on my heart for two years now, and God has brought some fabulous women in my life from several cities who all share this heart. We can't wait to serve, thank you for supporting this blog so we were able to purchase needed supplies!

This Christmas was so awesome for giving! Because of your purchases through the blog, we saved up over several months and were able to donate over 100 fitted, gift wrapped top-quality bras and underwear to the Walter Hoving Home! These bras went in the hands of real women in need! I thank God for this awesome opportunity to help women stand a little taller and feel more confident because of a company I adore and my fabulous readers!


Please know that some of these tools are affiliate products or services. If you purchase them through the links, I will receive a commission at no extra cost to you. When I write about a product or service on my blog, it's because I purchased it myself with my own money as a consumer, so that my review is 100% legitimate. I have never received free products or services in exchange for a review on my blog.

If you do decide to use my affiliate links for these resources, THANK YOU for your support toward my blog causes! 

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