Closet Organization DIY Idea for Shoes: Using Cardboard Boxes, in 3 Simple Steps!

As a young business woman, I have struggled to expand and improve my wardrobe at a low cost. When you finally get to the point that you've got a good collection going, it's hard to keep it all organized -especially shoes. The options out there for shoe organization were either pricey or just weren't doing it for me.

Here is a cool closet organization DIY idea I had using the iconic "You Look Gorgeous" cardboard box from LeTote! If you haven't heard of LeTote, check out my LeTote Review and prepare to fall in love with this company! If you decide to get LeTote through one of my affiliate links, you will be supporting the blog cause.

You could really do this same DIY using your own cardboard boxes as long as they're about the same size.


Good closet organization can really help you feel calmer and happier when you're planning your outfit! I really recommend the LeTote boxes for this DIY because they really are the perfect size and are a lot of fun.

Here is the full tutorial video! In this video, I show you how to fold and cut the box right for maximum sturdiness, and show you exactly how to attach it to the wall!

Tip: Get the bigger boxes by requesting more outerwear or bulky items. This is so easy now that you can "switch" items into your cart!

Here are the three simple steps!

Step 1: Collect identically sized boxes - my boxes came from LeTote! (get your first box free through my link!)

Step 2: Cut the box just like I showed in the video

Step 3: Attach to the wall! 

Searching for other DIY's that will work with smaller cardboard boxes? Let me know if you have found any good ones! I certainly have enough cardboard boxes ready to go to try a few out!

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