3 Simple Steps to Passionate Purpose (free printable!)

It's been so amazing being on this journey with you. What started as my personal blog 10 years ago has helped me reach women all over the world with my best thoughts on business, relationships, and health.

As you know I love clarifying challenging subjects and breaking them down into "3 simple steps" but now it's time for a very powerful and important 3 - and it's all on a topic we don't talk about nearly enough - giving and higher purpose.

If you start seeing some success in your business, you'll probably do a happy dance. After you do your happy dance, you'll want to share the news with some close friends or people you know and trust that will be genuinely happy for you. And then, is it right back to the grind stone, striving for leveling up your income, or is there something greater? Something more?

I submit to you that there is indeed a step between, and its called giving.

People don't talk about it, because it's not flashy, it's not sexy or hip. Often, it doesn't come naturally because it was ingrained in us to just look after ourselves. Maybe you've tried volunteering, but have been turned off by the paperwork or even turned away because they already had enough hands on deck. But let me tell you that there is no point at all for any of your personal success if you can't look beyond yourself and give financially to your local community.

On some occasions, your commitment to a non-profit may actually be the only thing that keeps you going on the longer days.

Other times, it will keep you grounded and secure to remember you're not in it for just yourself.

If you're not sure which organization to support, follow my three steps to meaningful giving

Using these steps, you can create a list so long you will be motivated for the rest of your life! Who needs motivational speeches?

1. Start With The People

Get out your journal (or use this free printable) and just by train of thought, make a list of the people who made a big difference in your life. These are the people whose names make you smile just by writing them down. We all have at least one person, living or dead, online or off, who has inspired us or helped us in a time of need.

2. Play Fill-in-the-Blank 

What did each of these people actually do? We need to narrow it down to its very essence! Next to each name, write a super short twitter-length note to yourself stating exactly what they did that you found most helpful. It must be an action. Some examples could be, "listened when I was depressed" "made me a healthy meal" or "taught me to build a website"

3. Connect the Dots

Behind each of these powerful actions, there is likely a local or national organization that seeks to help people in this way. Get on Google and find one. Maybe give them a call to learn more if their website isn't descriptive enough, and GIVE!


I was recently interviewed on The Fierce Entrepreneur on this topic, where I also share 3 keys to business success.  Listen here!

If you're still having trouble deciding who to support, there is one organization that I want to point out that could be "the place" for you, as it was for me. The Walter Hoving Home is a women's home dedicated to seeing women rebuild their lives in 6 to 10 month programs. It has 3 locations, one in NY, one in CA, and one in NV. What makes The Walter Hoving Home different is that they use the Bible in their curriculum, to allow for a true healing of the soul, and create a nurturing environment that clears away the heavy negative influences by the U.S. media. It's not merely self-help, but the real "living water" of Christ is poured into these women daily, allowing for long lasting transformation and a strong, secure foundation. Probably the best thing I've been able to do in my life is to support The Walter Hoving Home in Garrison, New York.

This weekend, I finally got visit the home myself, eat dinner with the girls, and have a tour with Erica Carter, the Principal of the Learning Center at the Walter Hoving Home. It was life-altering. It inspired me to write this to you. I hope that you can find the right organization to support and experience true soul-satisfying work as an entrepreneur.

Never Stop Learning, Growing and Reaching
- Laura

PS I've created a fun printable to guide you through steps with ease! Request it and I'll send it to you instantly!

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