What is a Mastermind Group, and Why Should You Join One?

Before I even take a breath, I need to make sure you know what a true Mastermind is. So many business greats credit membership in a great Mastermind group as their #1 secret to tremendous personal shifts and rapid business growth.

3 Best Reasons to Join a Mastermind Group

1) Elevate Your Sphere of Influence - no matter your location or situation

You may have heard the saying, "You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with" For me, living in a small town with people living such disconnected lives, it has been a tremendous challenge to find like-minded business owners to meet up with. Being a member of a mastermind group has allowed me to surround myself with extraordinary people who are way way way above my business success level and have regular, frank problem solving conversations with them. Being around others who are achieving at a high level opens your mind to what is possible for you.

2) Break Through Fear and Make a Powerful Choice to Get "Real"

I think that to some degree we all believe we were meant for something great. And it's true, each of us is born with a gift to give the world if only we'll overcome our own fear and learn to let it through.

For me, a lot of what held me back from getting real about my opportunities and making progress was the crippling fear of:
  1. Not being good enough (impostor syndrome) &
  2. Not having the right resources
And maybe you've experienced those kinds of feelings too. Many of our real blocks have been self-made because of a deeper fear of actually letting go of our comfort zone. Yes, sometimes growth is PAINFUL! Being in a mastermind group has given me opportunities free one on one coaching with some of the best in the business, and it's helped me directly identify the specific areas I keep tripping up on so I can break the cycle and get on track!

3. High Level CURATED Resources 

Some of the insights I was able to get from masterminding were so powerful I put them into practice immediately. Because of the quality of what's being given free, I will never have to pay for a webinar again. I have everything I need in terms of quality financial, health, and business training in this group because of the caliber of people it's attracted.

Because the members of a mastermind group tend to be so open about their past mistakes and about what's currently working for them, I'm able to essentially fast forward and avoid bad or outdated advice I might encounter elsewhere. Many of us face information overload and know, a Google search doesn't cut it for quality info when you're facing bigger challenges. Being in a group like this one has allowed me to ask questions, get the right answers, answers that connect the dots.


What I want you to understand is how much joining a mastermind group can change the course of your business and life, which is the real point of the post, but I do hope you act on it. And don't forget it's not just joining any mastermind group, but selecting carefully... one where the bulk of the members are actually a few steps ahead of you...

Never stop Learning, Growing, and Reaching

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