Awesome Dad Gifts for His 60th Birthday

Do you have an EPIC Dad? I know I do. Today is his 60th birthday, and to celebrate I wanted to share with you some awesome 60th birthday Dad gift ideas!

High  Adventure:

Try Ziplining, Skydiving, or Bungee Jumping! It's worth the $ you'll shell out because it's totally unforgettable. Here's a video of my Dad and I last week doing the Skyrider, North America's largest, fastest, and longest Zipline. It was the perfect Father - Daughter adventure!

Real Estate that's Out of this World:

Looking for something frame-worthy that will leave a big impact? This company sells real estate on Mars! Yes, you can actually name a crater after your Dad!

Surprise Party:

For my Father-in-Law's big 6-0, my Mother-in-law organized a big bash in Las Vegas, and family traveled from miles around to sip champagne from one of the nicest hotel suites with a view of the Las Vegas strip. Try contacting a hotel with a view and see what they offer!


There are so many things you can do for a great Dad, but the most important thing is to be in the moment and make sure you make him feel like the superhero he is!

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