Do you believe in you?

I am stationed in a small mining town in New Mexico called Silver City and I am here this morning to tell you to believe.

Believe in what?

Well, I have been getting very motivated by the industriousness of the mining community as well as the uniqueness of the artist community that is living here. I'm fascinating by God's broad diversity.

I was wondering though, what about you? Do you believe in yourself? Do you believe in the spark God gave you enough to activate it into a flame and make a big impact beyond yourself and loved ones? Do you believe the Holy Spirit is really living in you to give you more than just occasional "feelings" but definite, direct communication of God's desires for your life?

Maybe you're afraid to believe in yourself again, because before you had Christ you found that path to be very destructive. But now in Christ, you have everything you need to succeed and do God's work He's calling you to in earth.

If you are struggling to believe in you, I have a word for you this morning that may speak to you. Please click into the picture above to see the full message.

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