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Do you desire to hear from God and really know it's Him speaking to you? Maybe you're going through a season where He seems totally silent. For times like this, there is a bible study by Priscilla Shirer that came highly recommended to me. The book is Discerning the Voice of God:

After doing this study with a group of amazing women online through our Ambitious Christian Women book club, I developed a set of resources so you won't have to do this alone! This series to accompany the Bible Study has been reviewed and approved by Lifeway Christian Resources.

What You'll Need:

The workbook. Please support this ministry and purchase through this link: Discerning the Voice of God: How to Recognize When God Speaks (Bible Study Book)

Access to the full length sermon videos from Priscilla Shirer, which we can help you get once you join us inside the group.

Video Series:

I created a Discerning the Voice of God video series on YouTube to help you get the most of this study even without a group to meet with in person. Please bookmark this page and enjoy these discussion videos which will walk you through the most impactful exercises and more.

The images below are LINKED to each video so just click on the one you need! Some of these videos are protected as members-only content, so you will need to become a member of the group to access all 6!

Session 1 - Discerning the Voice of God Bible Study

Session 2 - Discerning the Voice of God Bible Study

Priscilla Shirer's 5 M's of Correctly Hearing God

Part 2 of Session 2 - Discerning the Voice of God

Session 3 - Discerning the Voice of God Bible Study

Session 4 - Discerning the Voice of God Bible Study

Session 5 - Discerning the Voice of God Bible Study

Session 6 - Discerning the Voice of God Bible Study
(Session 6 coming soon!)

Extra Freebies and Meeting Times:
Of course, the most meaningful connections come from within the group. Members of our Ambitious Christian Women Facebook group get lots of freebies like printables, worksheets, and daily encouragement. When you join, you can also meet with us on a conference to discuss the content of this study!

Join the Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ambitiouschristianwomen and I will make sure you get all the freebies and meeting times.

Never stop learning, growing, and reaching!


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