Happier by the Minute with Stacey Yates Sellar - a new online community

Thank you Happier by the Minute for entrusting me with the soft launch of your first flagship digital asset and corresponding Facebook Group. Now we nurture this fledgling online community in their exploration of positive psychology!

The group is open to the public: https://www.facebook.com/groups/happierbytheminute if you'd like to learn to apply the science of happiness to your everyday life.

Here are some engagement and growth statistics from our first full month:

The corresponding Instagram page which I manage, @happierbyminute has been seeing excellent growth at the pace of about 75 new followers per week. See that here: Happier by the Minute Instagram

We begin with her professionally pre-recorded videos which I reformat for social media and apply captions. I also source beautiful imagery to go along with her science-backed happiness tools and tips. We continue to trend in the top 9 for the #positivepsychology hashtag and we are discovering new avenues for reach every day! 

Soon we will launch an initiative to turn followers into group members, and I can't wait to report on how that goes. We also have a new influencer outreach campaign which will really take things to the next level.

As part of the monthly management package, also I restructured the Happier by the Minute YouTube channel, adding a Trailer Video which I made, organized all videos neatly into playlists to boost SEO, and applied clear calls to action where applicable. Take a peek at her new look: Happier by the Minute YouTube Channel ...Who else needs a YouTube makeover?

If you're curious about how to leverage Facebook Groups or social media to build an online community or enhance your offline community, come to me! I am available for consulting only, and would love to be a springboard for you. This is what I love to do and it's one of the few things that is working on Facebook for organic (unpaid) reach right now.

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