Knowledge vs Intelligence

Now, we are all human beings. We were made with FEELINGS for a reason. There are things we're SUPPOSED to get upset about. This, I know, is one of them.

This morning, I made up my mind.
I'm not going to play dumb anymore.
I'm not going to go on living my life without using my knowledge for intelligent decision-making.

I once read somewhere that knowledge is just life lessons you accumulate through reading, experience, advice, etc. But intelligence is actually to show that knowledge in your life by making better, wiser decisions.

I'm going to start applying my KNOWLEDGE to life in the area of plastic and plastic bags. And I want to take all my friends and family with me on this journey. I wrote this on my facebook wall:

"[Laura Simpson] is pretty sure we're all SMART enough and CARE enough about the environment to remember our reusable bags next time we go to the grocery store."

No excuses.
Last time I forgot my reusable bag, the last thing I wanted to do was buy yet another re-usable bag to make myself feel better... Especially when I had exactly what I needed (my backpack) staring me in the face in the passenger seat.

I emptied out my backpack and used that, (I know, this prob looked a little shady, but who cares?) then I just had to go back for my books after emptying my pack in the kitchen. Logically speaking, I would've had to make 3 or four trips anyway if my groceries had been in those silly good for nothing plastic bags.

There have been other times where I simply refuse a bag because I can carry everything I purchased (maybe 3 or four items 4) along in my purse, or even in my arm, these things really take ZERO effort.

Other steps I'd like to take are:
-resisting the purchase of plastic containers of all kinds.
-re-using what plastic bags I do have.

PS. For a minute there I thought,oh! I should save this for a New Year's Resolution! haha so funny the way I always jump my mind to saving important things for later, like waiting to express my thankfulness to my family until Thanksgiving. I really have grown a distaste for holidays. Hey holidays! Quit BOXING UP my good intentions. I'm living life outside of holidays from now on.

If you need to get angrier to actually change your lifestyle here's a few other sources of knowledge:

I first viewed this video on my favorite website,
as many as 2 years ago.

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