Taking Back the Morning

For the past two days, my cellphone "no funciona", causing me to wonder... what alarm will wake me? Since I didn't think I could train my shadow to get me up at the proper time (a friend's suggestion) I dug through my box of old electronics. Cords, dead and cumbersome digital cameras, more cords, and there it was, my saving grace. A 3 -year-old LG Fusic cellphone that had seen its share of scrapes. But I found the charger and plugged it in. Now my old cellphone wakes me to old ringtones that remind of early college days. HA! I sound old.

Well to say the least, I'm glad to have combined my blogs. It was apparently "meant to be" since my full name was available for the url. ;) I thought it was important that my Christian Walk be included in the rest of my life musings, however much or little I discuss it. 

So now that the morning is mine again, I've been using it to blog, but plan to do other things too which I'll be sure to blog about. hehe, Better run to work. Plenty to accomplish! :)

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