Rich, Rich, Rich

My wealth is beyond measure. I am rich in relationships! Good hearts, gathered round a table generously laden, I got an eyefull of joy, love, and peace.

I've always enjoyed talking with my family members and it's hard to get time with them alone, but I recently discovered a hack into their routine busy-ness.

Spa treatments.

I've actually been doing this for several years now, taking the ladies of the family away individually for anywhere between 15 min to an hour for nail painting, eyebrow plucking, etc. But now I've realized why I enjoy it so much.

I love it because I get time alone with people I love while having valuable, unique conversations.

When was the last time I was able to hear about my Grandmother (Enriquez) and her rise out of poverty in Naguabo, Puerto Rico? Never actually. I've never been able to hear about it in her own words until today, her softened feet propped up under the desklamp while I meditated over each stroke of WetNWild #426.

I also like serving my family and knowing I'm helping with the general mood in the household. Any woman feels better when she has freshly manicured nails and arms and back that have just been massaged. I'm glad I can be the go-to-girl in the house for fun and free beauty treatments. I always want to do it.

And let's not forget the guys. Well there's not much strategy to it because this one's easy. I find the best way to enter down new paths of conversation with a man in my family is to literally walk down a new path together. It's good to get outside for a walk and this loosens things up. But generally just plopping down on the sofa next to my Grandpa, or my Dad, my Uncle, or my Brother is all it takes to really get talking and connect. I love my family so much!

Rich, Rich, Rich.

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