True and Co Review and Promo Codes

Image above: "Across The Universe" bra in black, Bag of Tricks
Up to $40 off coupon codes! True&Co made me a big promise when I went to their site... to match me with the perfect bra for free! They did it, and I do so many of these box things I'm about to send you on a promo-code spree for the best possible savings.

Thank you in advance for reading this, I have a blog cause that I'm passionate about, and when you buy a product through affiliate links on my blog, you support my blog cause! You can read my disclosure about my blog cause here.

I wear a lot of business semi-formal clothes and I pretty much wore the same bra every day and hated that. When I went with True&Co, I was very pleased with the selection of bras for my unusual 32C size. It was so much nicer to try on in the privacy of my own home. Aside from great True and Co promo codes, There are a few things I need to share with you before you try True&Co for yourself!

  • Their Convertible Wirefree Bra is also a great deal, so comfortable and silky I actually like sleeping with it on. I left it a 5 star review and own 2 of these.
  • Their new robe selection is GORGEOUS. Right now I have my eye on the Fox robe in white.
  • Another I'd consider a staple is the Highline. Right now it's also only $8. Seriously considering buying this in blue.

See the items in bold for promos you can stack up! I know it gets confusing so at the end I've done a step by step for you so that you can get all the discounts. Hurry because promo codes can go bad!

So, without further ado and as always, here are my 3 best tips for using True&Co

1) Take note of the inserts in the box you receive. They often have extra special promo codes in there that I can't share with you here. From things I've gotten in the box, I was able to score a free pair of panties, and even a bra cleaning kit!

2) Be careful with the "final sale" they offer you in the last round of checkout. I accidentally plopped two items into my bag that are "final sale" and therefore non-refundable. Expensive mistake!

3) It's comforting to answer their survey, but try several bras - not just one. You may find yourself needing to order multiple kinds until you find the perfect bra. But it's free to try, and the discounts you get through my affiliate link will be there for you when you DO find the right one. I found one I loved (pictured) on the very first try.

Whether its your first time buying from True&Co or you're a repeat customer like me, I'm keeping the bottom half of this post updated with all promos that I can find online for you.

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  • CLEARANCE SALE  Make sure you check out their clearance section every time! There are some final sale items in here which are sooo luxe to have.
    • Beautiful premium boudoir sets and lingerie - great for wedding night and beyond! Discounted, now from $19 a set and comes in a gorgeous silky "Bag of Tricks" bag. 

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    1. I love True and Co. I was looking to place another order and googled for a promo code and voilà, landed on your blog. $15 for me, $15 for you! Cheers!

      1. Awesome Jael, I hope you're able to score a free panty too with the hashtag trick!


    Thanks for your comment!

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